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Dance Pit Raiders Perform!

raiders1 Dance Pit Raiders Perform!

The group, formed by 2 mischievous kajirae who loved to entertain the Free and dance. It has grown and is still growing. We celebrate Gorean dancing and “off the cuff”, meaning .. the dancers write their dance as we perform.

The Dance Pit Raiders of Gor! “We dance to make a difference!” Thanking the Free for allowing us to dance and wish that it pleases and entertains! If our performance pleases, our tips go 100% to RFL. Hearing the familiar call … “Raiders…. to the sands!”

Sparkle created the outfits special for today, Flute custom built this amazing dance area and the music was custom mixed for today.

From Sparkle; The event today made $17,869 lindens for Relay for Life, thank you for helping to make a difference!

raiders2 Dance Pit Raiders Perform!

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