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Ceremony for Petals and Ahadi

cere1 Ceremony for Petals and Ahadi

Today in a dual ceremony both Petals and Ahadi received a tribal tattoo by En Felicity. A tribal tattoo is done by knife point and a special power is applied. I am told it does not hurt that much and both the girls are soft.

While branding with a hot iron is customary in the cities and various brands burned deep into the flesh of property, We choose to mark tribal property with a “knife brand”.

“Rather like a tattoo, an appropriate design is cut into the thigh of a slave and a colored powder is rubbed into it.” Explorers of Gor page 330.

petals1 Ceremony for Petals and Ahadi

Petals was up first followed by Ahadi. The ceremony was well attended by the tribe and friends.

ahadi1 Ceremony for Petals and Ahadi

On her thigh, of course, was her brand. Even without the Tribe’s collar, the brand would clearly mark her slave. The collar marks the girl as slave and commonly identifies the Owner. Too, it is generally visible.

The knife brand marks her as slave, an emblem of bondage to the Tribe.” Prize of Gor    Page 352

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