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Petals Elevated

Snapshot 002 1 Petals Elevated

A ceremony too place today elevating Petals to Senior Kajira. It was well attended by the tribe. Everyone supported the promotion.

Snapshot 009 Petals Elevated

Full Text:

[11:43] Felicity Coronet: Sisters and kajirae . . . We have come to consider the elevation of a tribal kajira to that of “senior kajira” of the Wa Ngao.
[11:43] Felicity Coronet: I have placed a shield, a ngao, before Me on the ground
[11:44] Felicity Coronet: This ngao represents the Sisterhood of the Wa Ngao which serves to protect each of Us, Taluna and slave.
[11:44] Now playing: Rare Earth – I know I’m losing you
[11:45] Felicity Coronet: “Is there any kajira worthy of the ngao?”
[11:45] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): “my En there is one among us worthy to be judged. The one You named petals”
[11:45] Felicity Coronet nods to First Girl
[11:45] Felicity Coronet: “petals, come before Me.”
[11:45] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) quickly move closer to En
[11:46] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) heart is racing looking big eye to En
[11:46] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) my En, petals kneels at your feet to be judged.
[11:47] Felicity Coronet: It has been over a year since We purchased this girl from the Veck ‘En
[11:47] Felicity Coronet: In that time she has contributed much to the happiness and well being of the Wa Ngao
[11:47] Ariel (glossy Erin) sighs thinking .. time flies like a whirlwind…
[11:47] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): A year?
[11:48] Loniki Loudon sighs thinking how time flies
[11:48] Felicity Coronet: she has maintain an extensive farm and mentored others of the tribe in such activities
[11:48] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) mutters “seems like few hand”
[11:48] Now playing: Ilan Eshkeri – Commandeering the Vessel
[11:48] Felicity Coronet: she has been loyal to and supported her sisters and We Taluna in the activities of the tribe.
[11:48] Loniki Loudon nods in agreement
[11:48] ahadi (claireforfun Resident) nods
[11:49] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) bows head fighting tears
[11:49] Ohemaa Nii Ayii Kushi (Beaver Snowpaw) moves closer to hear En speak of the girls devotion
[11:49] Felicity Coronet: she has, and this is always been appreciated by Me, left, from time to time . . “woords of encouragement” in notices and IMs which greet Us when We awaken
[11:49] Felicity Coronet: she has been cheerful in her duties and obligation during all that time
[11:49] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): So sweet should rename her sugar
[11:49] Felicity Coronet: “petals, do you acknowledge these facts as a true representation?”
[11:49] ahadi (claireforfun Resident): aii she has heart as wide as lake Ngao
[11:49] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) Aii my En
[11:50] Now playing: Future World Music – Anthem of Courage
[11:50] Felicity Coronet: “My Sisters of the Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe, do You judge the girl petals worthy to be elevated?”
[11:50] Loniki Loudon: She takes on things without even asking her too
[11:50] ahadi (claireforfun Resident) nods franticly
[11:50] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) shouts: Aii Aii Aii
[11:50] Wendy Jelasco: aii
[11:50] Ohemaa Nii Ayii Kushi (Beaver Snowpaw) raises Her hand and says “Aii”
[11:50] Felicity Coronet nods and smiles
[11:50] Loniki Loudon: aii
[11:50] ahadi (claireforfun Resident) shouts: AII AII AII AIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[11:50] Felicity Coronet: “petals, kneel before your En on the ngao.”
[11:50] ? ? ? Adeane 14 (audrius14 Resident) nods
[11:50] Felicity Coronet passes a bota to first girl jazz “Serve your sister the waters of the Ua and Lake Ngao. These waters that sustain the jungles and the Wa Ngao.”
[11:50] Now playing: Future World Music – Anthem of Courage
[11:51] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) slips closer to En
[11:51] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) takes the bota in hands
[11:51] Ariel (glossy Erin) feels a strange restlessness creeping into her mind..
[11:52] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) kneels before petals with head low and arms offering up the bota.
[11:52] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): “my sister it is with a mixture of pride and humility that jazz offers you this drink. my desire and that of A/all Wa Nago is that this water sustains you as you serve the Wa Ngao.”
[11:52] Now playing: Lyric – Gpr Sound Bite
[11:52] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) Asante First Girl and Sis. girl accept and drink this bota with a similar mixture of pride and humility
[11:52] Felicity Coronet passes a plate of meat to the senior kajira jazz
[11:52] Now playing: Chris Isaak – Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing
[11:52] Felicity Coronet: “Serve your sister this food from the bounty of the Wa Ngao. The same food that nourishes the Wa Ngao.”
[11:52] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) smiles to her Sis as happy tears run down face
[11:53] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) takes the plate of warm meat
[11:53] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) kneels before petals with head low and arms offering up the food
[11:53] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): “my sister please take this food that is offered to give you the nourishment and strength to serve the Wa Ngao in the ways that are unique to you.”
[11:53] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) Asante Sis. girl accept and eat this food from the larders of the mighty Wa Nago with pride to be a part of the Wa Ngao and the desire to serve Them with all my being
[11:54] Felicity Coronet: “My Sisters I ask you all now to come forward and acknowledge in Your way Our newest senior kajira, the girl We call petals. From this day forward a “senior kajira” of the tribe
[11:54] Felicity Coronet: ***Wewtwewt ***
[11:54] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) shouts: s “la kajira
[11:54] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): Lwoot
[11:54] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): ***Wewtwewt ***
[11:54] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): ***Wewtwewt ***
[11:54] Loniki Loudon: Most excellent
[11:54] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): ***Wewtwewt ***
[11:54] Felicity Coronet smiles happily!
[11:54] petals (Angelique00711 Resident): / shout la kajira of the Wa Ngao
[11:54] Ohemaa Nii Ayii Kushi (Beaver Snowpaw) claps and cheers for the senior girl
[11:54] Wendy Jelasco smiles
[11:55] Wendy Jelasco shouts: la kajira Wa Ngao
[11:55] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) awwwwww En, family girl so happy!
[11:55] Felicity Coronet: This is well deserved petals!
[11:55] Ohemaa Nii Ayii Kushi (Beaver Snowpaw): congratulation girl,well done
[11:55] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) you make heart to big for body!
[11:55] Loniki Loudon: Now your a senior citizen of the tribe
[11:55] Loniki Loudon grins
[11:55] Felicity Coronet chuckles
[11:55] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) hugs her sisters
[11:55] Felicity Coronet: Aii Nasiha!
[11:55] ahadi (claireforfun Resident): aii sis – you are the fire in the heart of the tribe
[11:55] Now playing: Pink Floyd – Hey You
[11:55] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): Group hug!!
[11:55] Loniki Loudon: Join the rest of us
[11:55] Loniki Loudon laughs
[11:55] Felicity Coronet: Asante Sisters for Y/you presence and support for petals
[11:56] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) So happy 🙂
[11:56] Felicity Coronet: These are important little milestones in the life of a kajira
[11:56] ahadi (claireforfun Resident) whispers: this doesnt mean you can slack off though sis
[11:56] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) smiles from ear to ear
[11:56] Ohemaa Nii Ayii Kushi (Beaver Snowpaw) smiles with great pride of girl and the other kajirae too
[11:56] Loniki Loudon: aii
[11:56] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) squeezes tight
[11:56] Loniki Loudon: Next is combat training
[11:56] Loniki Loudon Smiles
[11:56] Wendy Jelasco: and important to the tribe my En
[11:56] petals (Angelique00711 Resident) Asante First Girl, will always do you proud xxx

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