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Zenani Becomes a Senior Kajira

Snapshot 002 Zenani Becomes a Senior Kajira


Tribe gathers in a a circle signifying the shield which is the Sisterhood of the Wa Ngao..

En: Sisters and kajirae . . . We have come to consider the elevation of a tribal kajira to that of “senior kajira” of the Wa Ngao.

En: places a shield (ngao) at Her feet.

En: This ngao represents the Sisterhood of the Wa Ngao which serves to protect each of Us, Taluna and slave.

En: “Is there any kajira worthy of the ngao?”

Sr kajira: “my En there is one among us worthy to be judged. The one You named zenani”

En: “zenani, come before Me.”

zenani kneels before En but not on the nago

zenani: “my En, zenani kneels at your feet to be judged.”

En or Mchungaji then lists the time that zenani has been in the tribe, the talents she brings to the tribe and the senior kajira task completed.

“the girl was collared to the tribe on the 8th of June 2015. Since that time she has shown the dedication and involvement which has added immeasurably to the life of the tribe. she has completed all tasks required of a senior kajira and in addition has become a wonderful storyteller and acts as kajira mcheche for Our Mcheche

En: “zenani , do you acknowledge these facts as a true representation?”

zenani: “Aii my En.”

En: “My Sisters of the Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe, do You judge the girl zenani worthy to be elevated?”

Tribe shouts acknowledgment Some make comments.

En: “zenani , kneel before your En on the ngao.”

En passes a bota to first girl jazz “Serve your sister the waters of the Ua and Lake Ngao. These waters that sustain the jungles and the Wa Ngao.”

Sr kajira takes the bota and serves her sister

Sr kajira: /me kneels before zenani with head low and arms offering up the bota.

Sr kajira: “my sister it is with a mixture of pride and humility that jazz offers you this drink. my desire and that of A/all Wa Nago is that this water sustains you as you serve the Wa Ngao.”

zenani : “Asante jazz. I accept and drink this bota with a similar mixture of pride and humility.”

En passes a plate of meat to the senior kajira jazz

En: “Serve your sister this food from the bounty of the jungles. The same food that nourishes the Wa Ngao.”

Sr kajira: /me kneels before zenani with head low and arms offering up the food

Senior kajira: “my sister please take this food that is offered to give you the nourishment and strength to serve the Wa Ngao in the ways that are unique to you.”

zenani: “Asante jazz. I accept and eat this food from the larders of the mighty Wa Nago with pride to be a part of the Ws Ngao and the desire to serve Them with all my being.”

En: “My Sisters I ask you all now to come forward and acknowledge in Your way Our newest senior kajira, the girl We call zenani

zenani : /me shouts “la kajira!”

zenani : /me shouts “la kajira of the Wa Ngao!”

Snapshot 003 Zenani Becomes a Senior Kajira

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