Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe

Jungles of Gor


Candle Placed For Sister Leu

Felicity Coronet: I have asked everyone to join Me here at the Beacon Fire
As most know, this is a more sacred and important place for the Wa Ngao
The beacon fire was first lit many years ago, when Our sister guli, then 1st Girl of the Tribe asked for a light to guide people home and to honor those that have gone forever. In the years since the fire was first lit, it has never, ever, been extinguished

Loniki Loudon: aii, many years ago

Felicity Coronet: And around the beacon fire candles have been placed for those Wa Ngao We hope will find Home again
Some are yellow in color. We hold out great hope of their return.
And some in white bear the names of Sisters that will never return

jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): bows head

Felicity Coronet: I am saddened that I must share this with all today, but Our Sister Leukippe, Msimulizi of the Wa Ngao will depart Our lands.
[1RL has been extremely stressful for Her in the past two years
Her Mother’s passing, illness, and now extra burden which We all know RL can impose on Us

Arjay (RJE Resident) feels tears forming

Felicity Coronet: So, I have sent word to Her that regardless of what She may feel now. That She can no longer live amongst Us. That She is, and will always be, a Wa Ngao

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