Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe

Jungles of Gor


Roho becomes a Wa Ngao Kajira

[12:11] Felicity Coronet: Wa Ngao gather around so We may see to business the First Girl brings to Our attention.
[12:11] Loniki Loudon looks back at the sleen thinking this will be a tasty kajira
[12:12] Felicity Coronet: 1st Girl has made a recommendation to Mchungaji and I call upon Our Tribal Slaver to speak at this time
[12:12] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): me steps forward, slightly
[12:12] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): My En, after much hard work by tribal kajirae and with Mchungaji concurrence. First Girl offers this kajira for acceptance. *motions girl forward to kneel before En.
[12:12] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): And looks aorund the circle of Sisters, kajirae and friends
[12:13] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): “En, Sisters, kajirae and Friends
[12:13] Taja (TF Latte): she kneels nervously in submision
[12:13] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) nods to taja to come forward

[12:13] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): Many of you are aware of this girl before us… taja
[12:13] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): and the fact that she is somewhat unusual
[12:13] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): In some places, so I have heard
[12:14] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): Such people are called “Two Spirit” people
[12:14] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): Netiher wholly male
[12:14] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): nor wholly female
[12:14] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): This girl, clearly, displays her feminine spirit
[12:15] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): and has trained long and hard
[12:15] Loniki Loudon nods in agreement
[12:15] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): to become a Wa Ngao kajira
[12:15] lucandia Resident: and thats all i want her displaying
[12:15] Ama (Amanita Pavlova) looks angrily at the one who spoke
[12:15] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): and continues
[12:15] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): Many of you knwo that I have been on safari
[12:15] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): traveling long
[12:15] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): back to the lands of the Sana-Askari
[12:16] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): Our founding tribe
[12:16] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): There, in the jungle
[12:16] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): resides a wise woman
[12:16] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): a “Msia’
[12:16] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): Msia Rashida
[12:16] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): I sought Her counsel
[12:16] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): And She advised Me thus
[12:16] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): Give this girl
[12:16] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): or Two Spirit
[12:17] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): a potion that I shall prepare for you
[12:17] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): and when she wakes up the day following
[12:17] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): her spirt, mind and body shall be one
[12:17] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): But, warn the girl
[12:17] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): “THERE IS NO RETURN
[12:17] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): to the Two Spirit body
[12:17] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): En, Sisters
[12:18] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): this has been done
[12:18] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): at the request of taja

[12:18] Loniki Loudon nods to her Sister
[12:18] Felicity Coronet nods
[12:18] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): and by morning, she wil be of one body, one mind
[12:18] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): and one spitrit
[12:18] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): *spirit
[12:18] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): This is all I have to say, My En
[12:19] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): Asanti, Sisters
[12:19] Felicity Coronet nods to Mchungaji
[12:19] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) nods seriously
[12:19] Felicity Coronet looks directly at taja
[12:20] Felicity Coronet: Show your submission kajira
[12:20] Felicity Coronet removes a jungle twine and encircles the girl’s wrists with it, tugging at each end and knotting it tightly.
[12:20] Taja (TF Latte): she submits
[12:20] WaNgao Collar II OC3.95 FULL PERM with subsit: ahadi has detached me while locked at 2018-02-12 12:20:29!
[12:21] Loniki Loudon Smiles

[12:21] Felicity Coronet looks down at the girl, holding her wrists tightly together..
[12:21] WaNgao Collar II OC3.95 FULL PERM with subsit: ahadi has re-atached me at 2018-02-12 12:21:25!
[12:21] Felicity Coronet: Repeat after Me: I, once taja a kajira of Gor . . .
[12:22] Taja (TF Latte): Repeat after Me: I, once taja a kajira of Gor . .
[12:22] Felicity Coronet: . . . of my own desire, hereby submit myself, completely and totally, in all things
[12:22] Taja (TF Latte): : . . . of my own desire, hereby submit myself, completely and totally, in all things
[12:22] Felicity Coronet: . . . to My En’ and the Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe.
[12:23] Taja (TF Latte): . . . to My En’ and the Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe.
[12:23] Felicity Coronet: A kajira, an article of Tribal property, to do with as They please
[12:23] Felicity Coronet still holding the girl’s wrists in Her hand . . . and with your submission, what are My choices, kajira?
[12:23] Taja (TF Latte): to kill or to collar this slave
[12:24] Felicity Coronet deftly reaches to Her side unsheathing Her dagger and presses it firmly against the skin of the girl’s throat . . . careful enough not to puncture the smooth and taunt flesh.
[12:24] Felicity Coronet looks up to the gathered . . . “Do I hear any who speaks for this girl?”

[12:24] Loniki Loudon: She has increased in value considerably since we acquired her
[12:24] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster Resident): o day collar
[12:24] Loniki Loudon: and we invested in her
[12:25] Ama (Amanita Pavlova) raises /me raises Her hand
[12:25] Isa (Isalia Michalak): and she serves well….
[12:25] Felicity Coronet looks to Her Sisters for a sign of approval
[12:25] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster Resident): i say collar“
[12:25] Arjay (RJE Resident): she has a cute butt *giggles*
[12:25] Cynthia Skadi (GoddessUrd Resident): Collar si I
[12:25] Loniki Loudon nods
[12:25] Wendy Jelasco: I say abstain
[12:25] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): En, Sisters, kajirae and Friends
[12:25] Felicity Coronet nods to Mosi Uta
[12:25] Petra (petea Topaz): She has already been an asset to the tribe
[12:25] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): My final words are these
[12:25] Isa (Isalia Michalak): aye collar
[12:25] ahadi (claireforfun Resident) whispers: am i allowed to say kill?
[12:26] Isa (Isalia Michalak): taps ahadi on her head
[12:26] Taja (TF Latte): shudders
[12:26] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): This girl, as of now, is a kajira of Wa Ngao
[12:26] ahadi (claireforfun Resident): errk
[12:26] Felicity Coronet nods and removes a steel collar from Her belt, turning the steel in Her hand and reads the inscription on it to the girl . . . “roho”

[12:26] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): and there is no need
[12:26] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): for further refernce to
[12:26] Loniki Loudon whispers: sorry sleen
[12:26] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): or discussion of her former
[12:26] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): Two Spirit
[12:26] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): state
[12:26] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): from either taja
[12:26] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): or any of us
[12:26] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): She is
[12:27] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): kajira
[12:27] Felicity Coronet: The senior kajirae, and even citygirl jo have spent much time in preparing this slave
[12:27] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster Resident): aoo
[12:27] Ama (Amanita Pavlova): Asanti
[12:27] Felicity Coronet steps forward, placing the collar on the girl’s neck, leaving it there for an ihn, letting the girl feel the weight of the collar before snapping it shut and locking it.
[12:27] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster Resident): aii
[12:27] Wendy Jelasco nods to Mchungaji
[12:27] Felicity Coronet: Repeat these words girl . . . “I am now a kajira of the Wa Ngao, My En.”
[12:27] Taja (TF Latte): “I am now a kajira of the Wa Ngao, My En.”
[12:27] Felicity Coronet lifts the girl’s face and asks her: “who were you?”
[12:28] Taja (TF Latte): i was taja
[12:28] Felicity Coronet: “what are you now?”
[12:28] Loniki Loudon: throws the sleen a chuck of bosk she brought just in case
[12:28] Isa (Isalia Michalak) holds the sleen by the tail …. no no …. you cannot eat her
[12:28] Taja (TF Latte): I am a kajira of the Wa Ngao Taluna Trib
[12:28] Taja (TF Latte): e
[12:28] Felicity Coronet: What is your name?
[12:28] Taja (TF Latte): whatever My En’ wishes
[12:29] Felicity Coronet: I will permit the girl to be known as “roho”
[12:29] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) smiles
[12:29] Taja (TF Latte): aii my en, I will be known as “roh”
[12:29] Taja (TF Latte): o
[12:29] Felicity Coronet: Now hear this Sisters, the kajira “roho” is now Our property. The girl is white silk and may serve all Sisters of the Tribe as is Our custom within the limits consensuality. I require that all issues concerning this girl be brought to Me, Se’ Nasiha, or Mchungaji.

[12:29] ahadi (claireforfun Resident) whispers: bozo?
[12:29] Felicity Coronet: Now kajira . . . repeat the Wa Ngao Tribal Pledge after Me . . .
[12:29] Ama (Amanita Pavlova) scowls at ahadi
[12:30] Loniki Loudon: ho is part of the namje…
[12:30] Loniki Loudon grins to herself
[12:30] Felicity Coronet: And as the kajira does I ask all Wa Ngao to think about what We commit Ourselves to when We Pledge Ourselves to the Tribe
[12:30] Felicity Coronet: First, As a Wa Ngao I am true to myself.
[12:31] Taja (TF Latte): I will play my role in the tribe to the best of my ability. I carry my weight in the tribe. Be it slave, Huntress, or En, I am the best I can be.
[12:31] Loniki Loudon Smiles
[12:31] Felicity Coronet: Second, As a Wa Ngao I am true to my tribe.
[12:31] Taja (TF Latte): I will never disrespect my tribe. The honor of the Wa Ngao is great and I will never tarnish it willingly or intentionally.
[12:31] Felicity Coronet: Third, As a Wa Ngao I will honor my Sisters.
[12:31] Taja (TF Latte): Be them slave, Huntress, or En, I respect them all the same. Roles are stations in life or jobs but the Sisterhood transcends that. I would never do anything intentionally to make my sisters uncomfortable, embarrassed, or dishonored.
[12:32] Felicity Coronet: Fourth, As a Wa Ngao I will honor my home.
[12:32] Taja (TF Latte): The lands of my home are the homes of my sisters. Our homes are sacred and are respected. Our home provides shelter and sustenance. I will fiercely protect my home.
[12:32] Felicity Coronet: Fifth, As a Wa Ngao I will protect my heritage.
[12:32] Taja (TF Latte): Our past builds our future. Our future becomes our past in time. Our heritage reflects our honor on a third dimension.

[12:32] Felicity Coronet: Sixth, As a Wa Ngao I will honor Gor.
[12:32] Taja (TF Latte): I understand that what gor means to others is as important to them as it is to me. While I may not share every idea others may have, I respect their rights to theirs. I do not weigh my values above the values of others and will decline to judge.
[12:32] Felicity Coronet: Seventh, As a Wa Ngao I will build on the future.
[12:33] Taja (TF Latte): I understand that education is the basis of growth in general and not just personal. I will do my best to project a better understanding of myself, my tribe, my sisterhood, my home, my heritage, and Gor.
[12:33] Sleen sniffs at the kneeling blond
[12:33] Taja (TF Latte): smiles
[12:33] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): ***Wewtwewt ***
[12:33] ahadi (claireforfun Resident) whispers: dont even think about it sleen
[12:33] Felicity Coronet nods. Such is the commitment each of Us makes to others
[12:33] Loniki Loudon: ***Wewtwewt ***
[12:33] Isa (Isalia Michalak): ***Wewtwewt ***
[12:33] Isa (Isalia Michalak): ***Wewtwewt ***
[12:33] Felicity Coronet: Two fluids are essential for life

Without either one, a person perishes
[12:33] Ama (Amanita Pavlova) raises HEr fist in the air
[12:34] Felicity Coronet: One is water

The other blood

[12:34] Shaba (WaNgaokajira Resident) wanders off with meat
[12:34] Felicity Coronet: Such is also true with families
[12:34] Taja (TF Latte): blushes ‘this ones pride is great’
[12:34] Felicity Coronet: Two are required for a full and complete life. To keep from perishing
[12:34] Felicity Coronet: One is Our “Family of Blood”, those who We are bound to by birth
[12:34] ahadi (claireforfun Resident): you know what pride comes before roho
[12:34] Felicity Coronet: The Other is Our “Family of Water”, those We meet and bond with in Life
[12:34] Felicity Coronet: I am speaking Be silent!
[12:34] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle) glares at ahadi
[12:34] Felicity Coronet: The Other is Our “Family of Water”, those We meet and bond with in Life
[12:35] Felicity Coronet: Two Families, both essential to a successful and happy life
[12:35] Felicity Coronet: We of the Wa Ngao welcome roho into Our Family of Water

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