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Roho and Jo both marked today as Wa Ngao Kajira

Felicity Coronet: While branding with a hot iron is customary in the cities and various brands burned deep into the flesh of property, We choose to mark tribal property with a “knife brand”
Felicity Coronet: This day, I have chosen Mchungaji to fulfill the task of bestowing the honor of the Wa Ngao Mark of Ownership upon this girl.
Amanita Pavlova nods
Felicity Coronet waves Her hand giving approval
Amanita Pavlova stands before the girl
Amanita Pavlova: looks her in the eyes
Amanita Pavlova: and gives her a slight small of reassurance
Amanita Pavlova: with Her right hand, She draws out a blade from Her pouch
Amanita Pavlova: The finely-honed, tiny blade, made especially for the task, She steps toward the girl. Having given deep thought to both design and location She presses Her hand again the outside of the girl’s left thigh, pulling the skin taunt so the skin may be cut with great precision.
Amanita Pavlova looks at the gril once again and says;
Amanita Pavlova: With this blade, I shall mark this girl so all she meets will know property belonging to the Wa Ngao Taluna tribe
Amanita Pavlova: “Steady, girl!”

Amanita Pavlova: Mchungaji begins to cut the girl’s skin. Slowly She cuts small curves which interlock in design.
Joanna Raynier bites down hard on teeth determined not to cry out
Amanita Pavlova: A small trickle of blood marks each cut.
Amanita Pavlova: As She works the blood is wiped clear momentarily with rep cloth and then returns with each stroke of Her dagger. Gradually the design of the mark begins to reveal itself.
Amanita Pavlova: Carefully as She works, the symbol of the Wa Ngao Taluna tribe, a Triquetra appears on the girl’s thigh. It is a unique mark long used by the Wa Ngao is found nowhere else in Gor.
Amanita Pavlova: Mchungaji completes the series of cuts to the girl’s thigh and steps back looking at the completed mark of the Triquetra.
Amanita Pavlova: Slowly and with deliberation, She applies the powder to the mark still red with the girl’s blood.
Amanita Pavlova: The contents of the powder have the ability to stop the bleeding and impart the color which will mark the girl for life.
Amanita Pavlova: Wiping the knife brand with rep cloth, She steps back so the Tribe might see the finished work.
Amanita Pavlova: “On her thigh, of course, was her brand. Even without the Tribe’s collar, the brand would clearly mark her slave. The collar marks the girl as slave and commonly identifies the Owner. Too, it is generally visible. The knife brand marks her as slave, an emblem of bondage to the Tribe.” Prize of Gor    Page 352

Amanita Pavlova: This girl is now marked for All to see. she is marked as valued property of the Wa Ngao Taluna tribe. Let Any that seek to harm know. They do so at peril of life and freedom.
Amanita Pavlova: Mchungaji reaches with dagger in hand and cuts the girl free.
Amanita Pavlova: “Go kneel before Your En’ and the Wa Ngao Taluna tribe, kajira”.
Amanita Pavlova: With this mark, the symbol of Our tribe, this girl will be known to All that she is Wa Ngao and protected by Our tribe. Warning to Any that seek to harm this girl. She is a kajira of the Wa Ngao Taluna tribe of the jungle rainforest of the Schendi region.

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