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Tribe Loses Hoshi

Sanibonani Wa Ngao,

News reached Us in the jungles that Our kajira Hoshi Tamura passed away on Wednesday, May 16th at 6:18AM Tokyo time.

Her sister Tamaya shared the news with Me and I confirmed it with Hoshi’s Friend in both RL as well as SL.

Hoshi had long fought a battle with leukemia. So many things I wish to say, but perhaps the best person to speak is Hoshi.

Hoshi lived for and loved to dance. She was regarded as an excellent dancer and through dance her true spirit was revealed.

She left Us a beautiful dance in which she speaks to Us as she says, “until We meet again”.

Hoshi’s dancehttps://vimeo.com/170582774

We will gather at the Beacon Fire on Sunday, May 20th, and light a candle of remembrance for Hoshi.



My fine dancer – Hoshi Tamura – passed away in RL on Wednesday, May 16th 2018 at 6:18AM Tokyo time. I extend my sympathies to her many friends and sisters.

To me, Hoshi represented a creative rebel. Her fire was demonstrated with grace and manners.

I remember the first time I met her – at a dance performance of course. I was struck to learn she could not hear, so I told her the story of Beethoven – a deaf music composer of some note.

I remember her steps and verses from Teehra, Gorean Campus, Callera, Gorean Dance Oasis, and the many cities in which she performed. Time with people in many worlds can be more fleeting than we wish or expect. It was my great honor to encourage her unique art of dance. I consider her the founder of a novel ‘faction’ of dance – poetry.

I spoke with her much as she prepared for “Design and Dance” 2014 and learned she would spend nearly 200 hours to prepare a dance. I watched her practice, and know this is close to the mark. Though I marveled at her writing, I was struck by her spunk and determination. Though deaf, she would match music to her dance by ‘Feeling’ the beat on a table surface.

I am thankful I tried to live the lesson I learned from Hoshi – treat all as a fleeting blessing in your life.

My wish has been to capture as much of Hoshi’s art as possible – but it may be impossible to put such a outspoken and copious artist in a notecard.

I will leave you with two of Hoshi’s many dances.

Expo at Cartius – https://vimeo.com/170582774 – Don’t fear the Reaper
Fire Tavern Dance – https://vimeo.com/koardan/mdhoshifire

Grateful to all…Koardan, Gorean Dance Oasis and Callera

















Hoshi’s Last

Our time together on these worlds is fleeting.  Whether it be our entire 90 years, or together for five, it is wise to remember to seize the day as though it was our last together.  Well, maybe week, as we have to pace ourselves.

Since seeing Hoshi in September 2013 at a dance event held at Gorean Campus, I have always been struck by her spirit.  Some of her last 20 words I heard in local were “Duty, Honor, Service.”   Though having her rebel streak, those words sum her up well, except I would also add ‘Artistry’.

She looked different than the other dancers.  Upon whispering to her I found she played the role of an exotic kajira, breed to be poisonous .  She had remarkable hair, sharp nails, and piercing eyes.  I also found she could not hear.   I shared the story of Beethoven, a famous composer who was also deaf.

As Hoshi’s career unfolded she marched into conflict by often performing her dances in ‘poetry style’.  Some tell stories as they dance, but classically trained dancers will focus on what you can see – no thought emotes.  This is referred to as ‘Dance Faction’.   I considered helping train Hoshi to do more dance faction, but after watching her art I became a supporter of her unique style.  What is art, music, writing, and world building if not a creative endeavour?  And since I was pleased as a Free, does that not define the very purpose of Gorean Dance?

Hoshi’s RL life completed on May 16, 2018.   I was her last RP Master, but no one could fully own such a wild spirit.  She had so many people close to her, from desert to forest.  She was at home with many forest huntresses, which makes me smile as that fits well her spirit.

I celebrate her life by sharing her art with you.  I have more poetry style dances to highlight on other days, but today I will show you the last dance I was blessed to see.  It is an older pre-written (non impromptu) dance, but I value all her words.   She danced this a month before her passing at a Mirage Dancers troupe event at Callera, as prepared capstone after our impromptu dance.  Though many danced that day, I extract highlights of Hoshi’s steps.

I meant to film more of her work, but as life’s typical irony, we ran out of time.   You can see some videos  I did of her work at

Tavern Dance at Teehra

Expo at Cartius

To avoid a copyright take-down I add either music I compose or buy rights to.  This in some way defaces her art, but you can mute mine and play the correct songs at the same time.

Let me also say we have lost some other great dancers to the city of dust, and also value their work and dance journey:  Master Samos, Addie, and IllusiveDreams.   But now, back to our Hoshi:

~ ~ ~ * * * ~ ~ ~

Hoshi dances at Callera – April 11, 2018

[18:30] Koardan: “Hoshi!! come to the center

[18:31] Hoshi Tamura looks around nervously

[18:31] Koardan: Now guests,Hoshi will perform for us – using this song —  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFi7bWkyRpA
[18:31] Koardan: Prepare, and Hoshi, you will tell ME when you are ready.
[18:32] Hoshi Tamura: All has the music?
[18:32] Falconer McKeenan: A moment…
[18:32] Koardan Resident lifts the girl’s hair – “An exotic, to be sure, beware of her nails.”

[18:33] Hoshi Tamura: all are ready?
[18:33] Falconer McKeenan: When you are ready

[18:33] Koardan: You may begin Hoshi!
[18:34] Hoshi Tamura: Girl apologizes for this dance it is old but it has meaning to this girl. I hope the free enjoy girls meger efforts
[18:34] Hoshi Tamura: start now
[18:34] Falconer McKeenan: smiles and watches

[18:34] Hoshi Tamura

The flash of steel.
The beat of drums.
The earth runs red with foreign blood.
Hidden in leafy shadow two emerald eyes.
Searching the fallen for what she desires.
Are you the One?

Slipping, un-seen, from tree to bush.
Daring hope what she may find.
White hair, silver bound, billows like an alabaster cloud in the dimming light.
Small delicate ears hearing the smallest of sounds.
Moans of pain. Cries of those that die or fall.
Clink of cold steel to take freedoms light.
Anger and Hate, trying to prove that Might makes right.
Are you the One?

A shadows movement. Delicate arms rise. A puff of ruby lips. A small wooden sliver flies.
A cry of pain. A spreading stain.
The smile and nod of a Huntress as her foe slips from this life’s plane. The girl passes a small smile her answer.
A wraith in pristine white. Breasts rise and fall, as she winds a serpent’s path to destiny’s call.
Are you the One?

Arrows sing songs of death’s dark hand. Daggers drank deeply of the souls left where none now stand.
Warriors all. Woman and Man, sink to graceless heap. Some with looks of surprise. Others of Anger. Only the few in peaceful sleep.
A village hut. Her goal now nears. Halting only an instant trusting her ears.
Talons slash. A warrior falls. Her path now clear.
The shadow slips past in search of that which her anguished heart calls.
Are you the One?

Into the clearing the shadow moves, step by careful step.
Leaving no invader to breath her passing. Making not a sound.
A jungle cat. A forest ghost without essence, without form, she in silence flows over the crimson stained ground.
Are you the One?

Cured wood creeks. A feline’s twist.
An arrow set free. She has dared the risk.
A whistle, a thud. Turning to see life’s blood.
The Girl smiles gratitude to the Huntress as she passes where once her death had stood.
Are you the One?

The camps fire sputtering, weak and forgotten.
The evening’s meal scattered and burned.
A swing of taloned hand.
Fingers now surrounding polished steel pulled from the red slick sand.
Are you the One?

Around the logs yet to be set.
The life of the village not found yet.
A heart pounding, hope fading in her search.
A Longing deep and burning in its hearts perch.
Are You the One?

Around a corral. A sight of treasured price.
Dagger in her hand dripping in crimson, once, twice and thrice.
The girl darts to her place and kneels at the boot.
The Smile of her Mistress assures the tiny warrior she has done only what she would.
Standing to crouch beside her hearts quest.
A gentle caress of the shadows white head with tender loving hand. A purr of contentment. Not a word has been said.
Are you the One?

A Mistress and her own, side by side they stand. Auras strong and bright. Passions as hot as any fire light.
In a roar to freeze the strongest soul, together they join battles call.
A Mistress and her girl, together always in future, present or past.
Words spoken softly to all or no one at all.
What is found at last.

[18:39] Koardan: Applauds, fist to chest
[18:39] Koardan: Well danced Hoshi!
[18:39] Hoshi Tamura: blushes and stares at the floor
[18:39] atiya (Jamee Nolan) smiles and claps
[18:39] Falconer McKeenan: beats His chest hard three times, “Well done hoshi!”
[18:39] Koardan applauds for Hoshi, and all the dancers.
[18:39] amber lyion (AmberLyion) smiles brightly and claps her hands
[18:39] Lahni (ElizabethMcKenzie) sits in stunned silence at the beauty of the dance.
[18:39] Adira (rhysha) applauds
[18:39] Trya Kadar (Trya Levane) applaudes loudly for the girl, and indeeed all of them
[18:40] Hoshi Tamura: girl thanks the free for allowing girl this honor
[18:40] Spice Hancroft: claps and flashes a bright smile..

[18:40] Koardan grins – we are all students, and they learn in their own way – we challenge them to know classic dance, and also to be creative.

[18:40] Tresha Kadar (tresha Perl): well done all of you
[18:40] Falconer McKeenan: grins giving atiya’s leg a pat

[18:41] Koardan: Hoshi was our capstone expo – well written and prepared.
[18:41] atiya (Jamee Nolan) grins at her Master, caressing his hand as it rests on her thigh
[18:41] Koardan: Hosh, heel.
[18:41] ﻜησѡ (Snow Mistwood) bounces up and down on fleshy thighs patting palms of hands together excitedly for the amazing dancer.
[18:41] Koardan nods to his snow in agreement
[18:41] Ⓚali  Devkawaala (JanexDoe) smiles beneath the veil
[18:42] Falconer McKeenan: Most pleasing Koardan! Most pleasing girls! You honor Master Koardan!
[18:42] Koardan: Hoshi, I found your movements pleasing, as they fit the musicians well.
[18:42] Koardan grins to the Ubar

[18:42] Koardan: Hoshi, what inspired you to write that ‘poem’?
[18:42] Hoshi Tamura: girls first owner Master
[18:43] Hoshi Tamura: was the first raid girl was in and girl could not find her.
[18:43] Koardan: What lead you to chose you rmusic?
[18:43] Hoshi Tamura: so girl searched
[18:43] Falconer McKeenan: nods in understanding
[18:43] Koardan listens to her story.
[18:43] Hoshi Tamura: When found my Mistress girl had already gotten into trouble getting there so was going to protect her
[18:44] Falconer McKeenan: listens with interest
[18:44] Hoshi Tamura: was surprised when a green took the dagger girl had picked up and took girl into the fight
[18:45] Hoshi Tamura looks up at Master having said her story
[18:45] Koardan: Excellent.

[18:48] Koardan rolls a ramberry to each dancing slave.
[18:48] Hoshi Tamura grins and picks it up with two talons of her right hand and waits

[18:48] Koardan: Mine!!  I will allow you the last words for our Mirage Dancer practice this eve, as you are our dance instructor (and musician)

[18:50] ﻜησѡ (Snow Mistwood) curls lips into a big smile, “My Master, I find dancing spontaneously in front the Free is the most fun roleplay a slave can participate in. I applaud each dancer here tonight for taking a chance that they would be found pleasing and embrace this form of Gorean roleplay.”

[18:53] Hoshi Tamura: Duty, Honor and Service.
[18:54] Falconer McKeenan: Any time the girls wish to dance they may do so. Hold your practice here as often as You like My friend. Well done!
[18:54] Koardan: We are honored brother.
[18:55] Koardan: “Spice, Hoshi, Amber, I dismiss you for your chores, or to serve as your duties allow”
[18:55] Hoshi Tamura: thank you Master
[18:55] Hoshi Tamura: ((Apologies girl needs to rest a little. girl got excited to be dancing again *Giggles))
[18:56] Koardan: (winks, thank you Hoshi, and again, well done dancers!)
[18:56] Hoshi Tamura: girl wishes the free well and offers hopes of a wondrous day.

~ ~ ~ * * * ~ ~ ~
The heavens are brighter with Hoshi’s steps.
We wish her well in such future journeys.









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