Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe

Jungles of Gor


New Members; Vixen, Gea, and Sandi


We welcomed Our Sister Vixen (the redhead hiding behind En) into the tribe. Having completed requirements of Pledges, She stood before the tribe at the ancient ruins and pledged Herself without reservation to support the tribe, Her Sisters, and the kajirae that wear Our collar.
A new kajira!

The girl gea begged her collar be locked and her life as a kajira of the Wa Nago begin. Throughout the girl’s time in consideration she displayed the enthusiasm and dedication to serve the tribe was made evident.
A new Pledge!

It is with great pleasure that it is announced that Huntress Sandi has sought to Pledge Our tribe and seek to stand with Us as a Sister. While new to the jungles She displays a strong desire to become a Taluna of the Wa Ngao.

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