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Jungles of Gor


Relay for Life event in Cote


WHIP Radio and the Toki aka’am Tribe organized a RFL event tonight in Jungles of Cote. Very good turnout for canoe racing and swimming besides the dance party DJed by WHIP Radio’s Jay Sparrowtree. Cheers go out to Ivy for all she did to make this happen


Race Times

Swim Canoe
Phil 1:26 Sandi 2:11
Mu 1:32 Ecko 2:12
Ecko 1:35 Cuddly 2:32
Sandi 1:35 Loniki 2:33
Loniki 1:36 Candence 2:38
Candence 1:37 Camus 2:48
Felicity 1:42 Felicity 3:01
Cuddly 1:59 Mu No Time
Jay 2:25 Kaiila No Time


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