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Wa Ngao Downs Nears Completion

Snapshot 0031 Wa Ngao Downs Nears Completion

The finishing touches are being applied to our new thalarion race track in Cote. As some may know, Wa Ngao will be hosting thalarion races in the near future and this will give our people a place to stable and race their own personal thalarions.

There is a large stable area behind the track. For those that do not know about thalarions there is a post about them and we have several people who are knowledgeable. Our Sister Vixen has been racing them for some time now. Just don’t keep them in your inventory and res them near a feeder. Thalarions will not survive in your inventory for more then like thirty minutes.

Please limit personal thalarions to just one as they will multiply on their own! Also Loniki has several thalarions that you are welcome to ride, just put them back by the feeder when done. Oh, that Effy one is untrained… You are welcome to train her if you can!

Location: WA Ngao Downs, Cote d Ivoire Cords: 184,185,500

Snapshot 0012 Wa Ngao Downs Nears Completion
View from the sky platform

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  1. Loudon Loniki says:

    The first races were held last night and it all went great. Its a fast track and everyone had fun.

  2. Loudon Loniki says:

    Did you know you can comment on posts? All you have to do is register with the site. Its safe and easy to do, its us!

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