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Care and Feeding of Thalarions


I am writing this as a guide to thalarions. It is a growing sport racing thalarions and its a lot of fun. Thalarions are part of the G&S system and an animal you can raise but they are much more then your common animals, they are racing animals!

Baby Thalarions

As usual, all it takes is a male and a female thalarion to have baby thalarions. I started out with one male and one female and within a couple weeks I had three babies. Thalarions multiply and that makes up for their shorter lifespans. They also require a little work but that is why we use any of the G&S products because nothing is for nothing.

Days after a baby thalarion is hatched it will become large enough to tame. Taming requires a G&S Hud and energy in the form of food or blackwine. (Many prefer blackwine as one cup provides 90% of your energy bar.) You mount your thalarion and it will be totally uncooperative and try to throw you. This will go on a while but sooner or later your thalarion will become tamed. Of note, a taming spear in hand helps the taming process. As they say, spare the rod and spoil the thalarion.

Finally your thalarion is tamed and you no longer need energy to ride it. As you ride your thalarion it will go up in level. Each level gives you points you can improve your thalarion with in the areas of turns, jumps, and speed. Most people race thalarions in brackets depending on level so as soon as your thalarion is trained you are ready to race.

Breeding and Training Thalarions

Part of the fun of having thalarions is breeding them and cross breeding them. The system provides a lot of variety that I am still learning myself but there are many different colors and quality. If you raise it right you will get good offspring. The animal will need a place to stay with food and water. Many stables will provide you space for a small fee if you do not have a space of your own.

Besides the breeding and taming there are those training points and how you improve your animal as it levels up. You can put points into speed, jumps, and turns. Many have their own ideas on how you should put your points and to many its a closely guarded secret. This is an area that I am still learning and developing my own ideas on hows those points should be used.

Acquiring your Thalarion

As mentioned previously, thalarions multiply and most stables will always have a spare thalarion to sell if you wish to acquire a baby. You can also buy a thalarion some places that are already tamed and trained. Basically you are just paying someone else to tame and train it for you. As someone who has trained a thalarion from scratch I can tell you that unless your patient its not a bad deal to pay the extra 200L or so.

You can also acquire a tamed and trained thalarion at a claimer race. A claimer race is a race in which you can claim a thalarion at the end of the race for the amount of that race. This way allows you to buy a thalarion that is ready to race. Don’t be to terribly concerned with how the animal places in a race as much depends on the skill of the driver also. Also a younger animal still has room to grow and train.

And finally there are many G&S markets and many also sell thalarions but be sure it is a quality, (10 meat), animal as only a quality animal can race.

Does and Don’t of Thalarions

Thalarions do not live in inventory. You can transport them in your inventory but they will not live for more than thirty minutes or so in transit. Found this out the hard way along with the three animals I had purchased the night before. G&S provides no documentation and you have to learn all this the hard way.

Thalarions require food and water but do not crowd too many around a feeder. Six or so will be fine but over that and you are likely to adversely effect their offsprings. This is how you end up with inferior animals that are only good for meat and oil.

Remember that if your tharl stops responding correctly like won’t move or turn, dismount, click her, and under “Movement” click “Follow Me”. This resets the movement scripts and should correct movement problems. Another thing I had to find out by asking others because once again, no documentation.

I am told tharls behave differently on ground or on a platform due to pathfinding. On the ground a tharl will actually follow you but on a platform they only walk in place. It is the same with taming, on the ground they run around and jump. I am also told that tharls can gain happiness from following you around. I guess they are social animals.


And Now The Downside

Now that I got you all hyped on thalarions its time to bring you back down to Gor. The biggest downside is the G&S system which is required for people who want to race and it has requirements.

The thalarions have somewhat short life’s, (60 days), and have to be tamed which requires energy, taming spears, and your time. This means a source of black wine or food to give you this energy.

It also helps to have a source for taming spears as they speed up taming and you won’t be kicked off as much. They tick down rather fast so get a couple to tame your thalarion if you want the advantage they provide.

Then you have to feed the thalarions with meat from verr or bosk which means you will need a source for that. They also require water but that is free from any well. Without food and water your tharls will die.

What to do???

So what are the solutions because I know many people who would like to race may not have land or want all these hassles? To help solve the issue some stables have rent-able stalls that supply all the food and water.

If you race and come in the money it could pay all your fees for the month but this is mostly for fun and everything in SL has its costs. You also may be able to sell your baby thalarions if yours is a female. Keep that in mind if you have males you will not have to worry about additional stable fees and there is not always a market for babies anyways. You can also usually find a tamed tharl when you need a replacement.

If you are Wa Ngao our stables have an automatic system that keeps all the stalls full of food and water. You are still going to have to tame and train your own tharls but several are helping as far as expenses and food. Donations are still appreciated for sim costs.

Please comment below if you have tharl stables available for rent.

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