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Wa Ngao Conduct Elevation Ceremony

hoshi2 Wa Ngao Conduct Elevation Ceremony

On September 1st En’ Felicity called the Wa Ngao to meet in Council and consider the elevation of the kajira Hoshi Tamura Llanfair to be a “senior kajira” of the tribe.  First Girl Jazz and Kajira Nasiha Desire gave ringing endorsements prior to Council.  When En’ posed the question there was enthusiastic support from the Tribe and thus, a “Ceremony of Elevation” was conducted at the site of the ruins in the Valley of the Ancients.

Hoshi has shown dedicated support for the tribe since times spent in the old lands prior to the migration to Our current Home in the Jungles of Gor.  The “Ceremony of Elevation” was witnessed by Sisters of the Tribe as well as Sisters of tribes allied to the Wa Ngao.   Hoshi’s elevation adds tremendous depth to the “kajira culture” of the Wa Ngao and will help sustain the philosophy of the “Five Founders”.

hoshi3 Wa Ngao Conduct Elevation Ceremony

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