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Jungles of Gor


Pride of Cats in Jungle Rain Forests

Recently the pride of cat-like gianis, jungle panthers, and larls has been see living in the jungle rain forests of the Schendi region.  Sometimes aggressive, these creatures are often tempted to approach for a bit of tarsk or bosk meat.

From left to right the creatures have been name “Lobo”, “Kikee”, and “Shae”.  The larl Shae is often see in the camp of the Wa Ngao at the hut of the Pledge Ame and Her girl karah.  There have been sighting of these animals living in a den to the northeast.  Not tame, these animals should be approached with caution.


A sign of good fortune, these animals have been given protection and the tribes guard them with great determination to keep them safe from hunters of the cities or traders seeking the fine pelts of the jungle cats.

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