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Mel and Lady Dee renew vows

In a morning ceremony on the beach our Innkeeper Mel and Lady Dee renewed their Free Companion vows.

Snapshot 0091 Mel and Lady Dee renew vows

Mel Qusifor looks at Dee and speaks, “Lady Dee, My sweet Love. You are My closest friend and I can depend on you whatever the task. I glow in the warmth of your Love. For you are a gentle and caring Free Woman. Today I renew My pledge to love you and our son as we continue the greatest of all adventures…The journey of life and the building of family. I shall always hold you on high as My companion, My friend, My counselor, My strong helpmate as we together walk this journey of life.”

DeeDee Bohemian bites her lip, “oh Mel, you’re going to make me cry.” Dee Bohemian takes in a deep breath then smiles affectionately into Mel’s eyes. “My love, sometimes I wonder what would have become of me had we not met and had we not recognized that we belong together. In short, I’d be lost. I hope that I will always amazed of what we have together. Never have I been so close to someone, to open up completely with trust and love. We have been blessed with a safe home, a son and good friends. What more could we ask for?”

Snapshot 005 Mel and Lady Dee renew vows

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