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Council 8 Jan 2024

[12:19] Felicity Coronet: I’ll call Council to order then
[12:19] roho mbili (tf.latte): smiles
[12:19] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:19] roho mbili (tf.latte): oh
[12:19] roho mbili (tf.latte): aii mynEn
[12:19] Felicity Coronet: Can continue dancing though
[12:19] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:19] roho mbili (tf.latte): oh i am out of breaths
[12:20] Kai (kaiover): hold out my hand, “ka-la-na stat”
[12:20] Loniki Loudon: Not as good when you can’t see the rtotation
[12:20] roho mbili (tf.latte): besides it does all make you more tired evern
[12:20] roho mbili (tf.latte): smiles
[12:20] roho mbili (tf.latte): ka la na aii
[12:20] roho mbili (tf.latte): smiels
[12:20] Kai (kaiover): oh good, for a minute there I thought I whispered it
[12:21] Felicity Coronet: A couple of announ’cments
[12:21] roho mbili (tf.latte): fills the cup with clean ka la na and smiels as she says ‘the cup it clean too’
[12:22] roho mbili (tf.latte): holding the cup to her she whiseprs ‘heren is your ka la na Hunterss may it please you
[12:22] roho mbili (tf.latte): smiles
[12:22] Kai (kaiover): “Asante Roho, your the best” slaps her butt as she leaves
[12:22] Felicity Coronet: A reminder that Y/you En’ will be away during the 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM SLT time frame on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. In My absence Nasiha will act in My place. Please show Her the support She has earned.
[12:22] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:22] roho mbili (tf.latte): giggles
[12:22] ahadi (claireforfun) chokes
[12:23] roho mbili (tf.latte): aii my En
[12:23] Felicity Coronet: Second, there has been interest shown in begging a Wa Ngao tribal collar by a couple of kajirae.
[12:23] roho mbili (tf.latte): smiels at Nashia]
[12:23] roho mbili (tf.latte): eyes widen
[12:23] Felicity Coronet: Be active in encouraging such girls
[12:24] roho mbili (tf.latte): @
[12:24] Felicity Coronet: Third, There will be another G&SW Tuna Tournament frim January 31st to February 3rd hosted by OUr Brother TaeRel
[12:25] Dance Ring: Ring Stopped
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[12:25] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): ((back))
[12:25] Wendy Jelasco: ((wb))
[12:25] Felicity Coronet: It is hoped that event will be coordinated with a push to generate more $L to help with tier from sales at the Market on the wharf in Korat Cove
[12:26] Felicity Coronet: TaeRel has taken care of all expenses and wants this to be His contribution to Our tribe
[12:26] Felicity Coronet: We have a good Brother in TaeRel
[12:26] Felicity Coronet: She turns to the kajirae
[12:27] Felicity Coronet: Stop drooling at the mention of Our Brother TaeRel girls!
[12:27] Felicity Coronet winks
[12:27] Ragnar (pavell.clowes) is online.
[12:27] ahadi (claireforfun): he is aesthetically acceptable my En
[12:27] Felicity Coronet chuckles
[12:27] Petra (petea.topaz): @
[12:28] Felicity Coronet: Rocky?
[12:28] Petra (petea.topaz): I have a new resident in Balozi
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[12:28] Felicity Coronet whispers: Oh?
[12:28] Petra (petea.topaz): Natalya (norman.darkthorn)
[12:28] Felicity Coronet: Tribal? or Individual/
[12:28] Petra (petea.topaz): She is a slave who has lost her mistress
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[12:29] Felicity Coronet: Awwww . . . . never a pleasant event
[12:29] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle) tries to subtly wipe chin
[12:29] ahadi (claireforfun): careless
[12:29] Petra (petea.topaz): I have invited her to come here
[12:29] Felicity Coronet: Asante Rocky
[12:29] Petra (petea.topaz): But she would be looking for a new mistress
[12:29] roho mbili (tf.latte): maybe only misplaces?’ she whispers to ahadi
[12:30] Felicity Coronet nods
[12:30] ahadi (claireforfun): Miss place? i think i know her
[12:30] Felicity Coronet: Shush!!!
[12:30] roho mbili (tf.latte): sighs
[12:30] Felicity Coronet: Do @
[12:30] ahadi (claireforfun): shush roho!
[12:30] Felicity Coronet: Please continue Rocky
[12:30] roho mbili (tf.latte): gulps
[12:30] Petra (petea.topaz): Yes you will know her
[12:30] இگổηΐãஇ (emmanuella.checchinato) is online.
[12:31] Petra (petea.topaz): She was with the sajesual
[12:31] Felicity Coronet: Ahh, okay
[12:31] Petra (petea.topaz): #
[12:32] Felicity Coronet: If We encounter such individuals, whether kajira or huntress, E/everyone has the ability to add them to Friends group.
[12:32] ahadi (claireforfun): add first shoot later?
[12:32] Felicity Coronet: Fourth, trade opportunities are being developed so use those as opportunities to travel and role play
[12:32] Wendy Jelasco: thump
[12:33] Felicity Coronet: That is all I have at the moment.
[12:33] Petra (petea.topaz): The Girl has a Balozi Kajira Tag
[12:33] roho mbili (tf.latte): smiles brightly ‘travel she mumbles’
[12:33] Felicity Coronet: Nasiha, what comments or question do You have Sister?
[12:33] Wendy Jelasco nods to Balozi
[12:33] Felicity Coronet nods to Rocky
[12:33] Loniki Loudon: Private ownership is depricated…
[12:34] Loniki Loudon: Less she is looking for many Mistresses
[12:34] Loniki Loudon: That was my only observance
[12:34] Arjay (rje) is online.
[12:34] Petra (petea.topaz): She is aware how things work in the Wa Ngao
[12:34] Loniki Loudon: Good
[12:34] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:35] Felicity Coronet: Does everyone understand why we don’t have individual ownership?
[12:35] Wendy Jelasco: aii En
[12:35] Felicity Coronet: Two bad experiences in the past
[12:35] Petra (petea.topaz): aii
[12:35] Felicity Coronet: Let Me remind
[12:36] Loniki Loudon: We got tired of huntressses leaving and stealing our highly trained kajira
[12:36] roho mbili (tf.latte): eyes widen
12:36] Felicity Coronet: One was a girl of the tribe, destined to be 1st girl actually, was allowed to be collared by a Sister on the promise the girl wouldn’t be taken from the tribe
[12:36] Petra (petea.topaz): there are exceptions Roho
[12:36] Petra (petea.topaz): chuckles
[12:37] Loniki Loudon: Sawubona Sis
[12:37] Felicity Coronet: We were lied to and the girl, as all kajirae are, was loyal to her submission to this huntress
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[12:37] Wendy Jelasco: Sawubona Arjay
[12:37] Felicity Coronet: So went, again Our best judgement
[12:37] Felicity Coronet: Within a month the girl was cast aside
[12:37] Arjay (rje): Sanibona En and sisters, sorry that the pesky other world delayed me
[12:37] Felicity Coronet: And left SL
[12:37] roho mbili (tf.latte): sawybona Mjenzi’she whispers
[12:37] Loniki Loudon draws their bow
[12:37] Loniki Loudon: Aii, creates a real tug of war with allegiances
[12:38] Felicity Coronet: That is when We adopted the “Arianna Rule”
[12:38] Loniki Loudon: And we are all Wa Ngao first and foremost
[12:38] Loniki Loudon: Our girls also
[12:38] Felicity Coronet: And the second reason is individually owned girl sometimes felt they need not obey a Taluna of the Tribe
[12:39] Loniki Loudon nods
[12:39] Wendy Jelasco: @
[12:39] roho mbili (tf.latte): adds smnoe loga and stuff
[12:39] Felicity Coronet: There is only one individually owned kajira in the tribe and that is Desire Guru.
[12:39] Loniki Loudon: and she predates all policy on that matter
[12:40] Felicity Coronet: But, sh is well aware of the expectation that she serves the tribe, not just Me
[12:40] Felicity Coronet: Wendy?
[12:40] Wendy Jelasco: Des is a historical matter and as said does not fall under that rule
[12:40] Wendy Jelasco: but
[12:40] Wendy Jelasco: for all the other girls also consider
[12:40] Loniki Loudon: And En actually bought her
[12:40] Wendy Jelasco: if we had indicidual girls
[12:41] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:41] Wendy Jelasco: they would be torn between loyalty to the tribe and loyalty to a Huntress
[12:41] Wendy Jelasco: #
[12:41] Wendy Jelasco: unhealthy
[12:42] Loniki Loudon: En?
[12:42] Zach Cheveyo (zachbrig) is online.
[12:42] Felicity Coronet: And let Me add, that as Desire is one of the Five Founders, a former 2nd Girl, and now kajira Nasiha, her loyalties to the tribe are unquestioned.
[12:42] Loniki Loudon: We have not ran into a situation where a Huntress brings in a girl with them
[12:43] Wendy Jelasco nods beyond any shade of doubt
[12:43] Loniki Loudon: \aii
[12:43] Felicity Coronet: If you ask her she will always actt appropriately as a senior kajira of the tribe
[12:43] Loniki Loudon: One of the founders
[12:44] Felicity Coronet: It may also be noted that Desire and I have never “Partnered”. After the first 12 years I was afaid that would “jinx” Our relationship
[12:44] Felicity Coronet: It will be 17 year this March 26th
[12:44] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:44] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:44] Petra (petea.topaz): @
12:45] Loniki Loudon: Sis?
[12:45] Loniki Loudon: Petra?
[12:45] Wendy Jelasco: @
[12:45] Loniki Loudon: Then Wendy
[12:45] Petra (petea.topaz): I have never partnered for the same reason its a Jinks
[12:45] Petra (petea.topaz): #
[12:45] Felicity Coronet nods
12:46] Loniki Loudon: It can cause issues
[12:46] Loniki Loudon: Wendy?
[12:46] Wendy Jelasco: returneing to the kajira leaving with a Huntress
[12:46] Wendy Jelasco: being stolen
[12:47] Loniki Loudon: well its all perspective
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[12:47] Wendy Jelasco: please imagine in what perils such a girl is thrown
[12:47] Wendy Jelasco: specially the hightly trained ones
[12:47] Loniki Loudon: From a tribal point of view, it was not desirable
[12:47] Wendy Jelasco: the only possibility she has it sot break collar
[12:47] Wendy Jelasco: and that is and absolute nogo
[12:47] roho mbili (tf.latte): @
[12:48] Wendy Jelasco: whatever she decides it is wrong
[12:48] Dor (dorian.cao) is online.
[12:48] Wendy Jelasco: we do ont want to bring anybody in this situation
[12:48] Wendy Jelasco: #
[12:48] Loniki Loudon: Thats why we changed policy to hopefully avoid that and so far there has not been issues
[12:48] Felicity Coronet: Aii
[12:48] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:48] Loniki Loudon: Roho?
[12:49] ℳoℓℓу Đєѕтiɴγ (molly.frostbite) is offline.
[12:49] Loniki Loudon: Than En
[12:49] roho mbili (tf.latte): what if some one is like already partnered and wants to com ehere and be wa ngao and should we encourage that and what if they are like boys or men?
12:49] roho mbili (tf.latte): #
[12:49] roho mbili (tf.latte): ohi see some some times
[12:49] Loniki Loudon: That is a possibility and we would likely honor that ownership
[12:49] roho mbili (tf.latte): asante#
[12:50] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): @
[12:50] Loniki Loudon: We would not make someone desolve a relationship to join us
[12:50] Loniki Loudon: En?
[12:50] Felicity Coronet: Let Me add one more things. Sisters, You all own Our girls. If You wish to travel, guard them and do so. If You wish to snuggle in a quiet spot in the jungles, assuming consent of course, do so.
[12:50] roho mbili (tf.latte): smiles
[12:50] Felicity Coronet: The girls belong to all of Us
[12:50] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:50] Loniki Loudon: Aii, we encourage personal relationships
[12:51] ahadi (claireforfun): if you wish to shower with choccyu and jewels that is ok too
[12:51] Felicity Coronet smiles warmly to Jazz, Ahadi, and Roho
[12:51] Loniki Loudon: Jazz?
[12:51] Petra (petea.topaz): smiles
[12:51] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Would like to add a bit more arianna history
[12:51] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Arianna brought jazz to Wa Ngao. We were chaine sisters before Mistress who owned us and the boy malcy who some remember left SL. Mistress was a Teacher at Iaomai,
[12:51] Loniki Loudon: aii
[12:52] Felicity Coronet nods
[12:52] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Think Arianna was as smart in RL as desire.
[12:52] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): #
[12:52] Loniki Loudon: Likely she was just too used to having a private mistress
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[12:52] Wendy Jelasco: or torn apart by the conflict
[12:53] Loniki Loudon: Not saying that is a bad thing…
[12:53] Rikki (rikki.falworth) is online.
[12:53] pearl (jessika.cazenove) is offline.
[12:53] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): She honored the submission and wehn leaving SL said it had been a mistake
[12:53] Petra (petea.topaz): (( And the question i aways ask who is the slave ))
[12:54] Loniki Loudon: We just wanted va more open policy, if anything it is more respectful to the kajira
[12:54] Felicity Coronet nods to Rocky
[12:54] Loniki Loudon: We have alwats emphisized how all relationships are consensual
[12:55] roho mbili (tf.latte): my En can i go do ahadi left over chores please in the hut ?
[12:55] Loniki Loudon: Wwe did not outlaw anything with our kajira policy
[12:56] ahadi (claireforfun): i had better supervise roho
[12:56] Petra (petea.topaz): Kwa heri Roho
[12:56] Loniki Loudon: Hugs you two
[12:56] Wendy Jelasco: choccy problems?
[12:56] Felicity Coronet: Kwa heri 3rd Girl
[12:56] Loniki Loudon: And farther comments?
[12:56] roho mbili (tf.latte): oh she is kujotao so we can go toghere
[12:56] roho mbili (tf.latte): smiles
[12:56] ahadi (claireforfun) grins
[12:56] Felicity Coronet: Kwa heri 2nd Girl
[12:56] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): /mewhispers blind leading the blind
[12:56] Wendy Jelasco: kwa heri girls take care
[12:56] roho mbili (tf.latte): kwa heri everyhone
[12:56] roho mbili (tf.latte): smiles
[12:56] Petra (petea.topaz): Kwa heri Ahadi
[12:56] roho mbili (tf.latte): kwaheri everyone
[12:56] ahadi (claireforfun): its good to be home my En and Huntresses and sisters
[12:56] Loniki Loudon: Good to see you back Ahadi
[12:56] Wendy Jelasco looks to jazz and chuckles
[12:56] Felicity Coronet: Nice when We have all three ‘Numbered Girls” here
[12:57] roho mbili (tf.latte) is offline.
[12:57] Loniki Loudon: Aii, its been a while since we seen that
[12:57] ahadi (claireforfun): i went the wrong way !
[12:57] Loniki Loudon laughs
[12:57] Felicity Coronet grins
[12:57] Wendy Jelasco laughs the roho effect
[12:57] Loniki Loudon: Council is closed

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