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Tribal Council March 25, 2024

[12:06] Loniki Loudon: There is not too many things on the agenda today
[12:06] Loniki Loudon: First thing is Post En’kara Fair clean up.
[12:06] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:06] Loniki Loudon: I suppose that does not apply to most here…
[12:06] Loniki Loudon: En?
[12:07] Felicity Coronet: The sims used for En’kara will remain until tomorrow. They’ve asked us to clear up our things . I cannot return anything so each of us that has placed out objects has to pick them up
[12:07] Arjay (rje): noted
[12:07] Felicity Coronet: If not picked up by tomorrow will be returned when the sims revert to LL
[12:08] Loniki Loudon: That works
[12:08] Kirsten Dahl-Francis (kirsten295) is online.
[12:08] Felicity Coronet: I’ll be picking up thjngs later today
[12:08] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:08] roho mbili (tf.latte): it was fun all who made it happen for wa ngao
[12:08] roho mbili (tf.latte): oh
[12:08] Loniki Loudon: There is nothing there that is one of a kind
[12:08] roho mbili (tf.latte): @#
[12:09] Loniki Loudon: We had a good turnout at En Kara, as a whole I feel it was quite worthwhile
[12:09] Wendy Jelasco: @
[12:09] Loniki Loudon: It was good to see that the Gor community in SL can rise to the occation
[12:10] Petra (petea.topaz): Eni has some things there
[12:10] Loniki Loudon: Wendy?
[12:10] エル (lxaris.meredith) is offline.
[12:10] Wendy Jelasco: there were many positive responses to our
[12:10] Wendy Jelasco: dancing
[12:10] Wendy Jelasco: again we thank Ame she brought us to this standard
[12:10] Wendy Jelasco: #
[12:10] Dance Ring: Ring Stopped
[12:11] Loniki Loudon: anyone make it there yesterday?
[12:11] Petra (petea.topaz): Kii
[12:11] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): nii
[12:12] Enigma Innovia is online.
[12:12] Loniki Loudon nods
[12:12] Felicity Coronet: I did for the OOC ball as did Joy, Roho, and Eni
[12:12] Arjay (rje): I was there for a very brief time
[12:12] Loniki Loudon: It was mostly closing ceremonies
[12:12] Loniki Loudon: and graduations for some classes
[12:13] Loniki Loudon: Aii, same, was nothing of real interset to me
[12:13] Loniki Loudon: Our next big event will be our anniversary
[12:13] KaySuya (naylasantory): meu último dia foi no sábado lá na feira, ontem eu também não fui
[12:13] NaylaSantory Resident: (=>en) my last day was on Saturday at the fair, yesterday I didn’t go either
[12:16] Loniki Loudon nods
[12:16] Petra (petea.topaz): @
[12:16] Loniki Loudon: I think they are already planning for next years fair also
[12:16] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:16] Loniki Loudon: Petra?
[12:16] Petra (petea.topaz): Do we have any events planned
[12:16] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): @
[12:16] Loniki Loudon: Then En
[12:17] Petra (petea.topaz): #
[12:17] Loniki Loudon: Nothing yet Sis, En?
[12:17] Felicity Coronet: There is an En’kara 2025 group and I have indicated to the organizers that We wish to be a part again
[12:18] Felicity Coronet: I will be talking with Feather later in the week and offering Our insights for next year. Will keep everyone advised
[12:18] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:18] Loniki Loudon nods
[12:18] Loniki Loudon: Should there not be 3 other fairs?
[12:18] Felicity Coronet: There was talk of that but just too much to organize
[12:19] Loniki Loudon: I suppose they only wish to do En Kara…
[12:19] Felicity Coronet: Aii
[12:19] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): @
[12:19] Loniki Loudon: Jazz?
[12:19] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Think this year’s Fair was great but a little over organized which left little time to wander camps meeting people.
[12:19] Dᴀɴɪ™ (danielle008) is offline.
[12:19] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): #
[12:19] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:19] Nua Dahl-Francis (msbuttercup) is online.
[12:19] roho mbili (tf.latte): adds smoe wood to the fire and stares at teh fdire rememberin the faire
[12:19] Loniki Loudon: En?
[12:20] Felicity Coronet: If You have suggestions regarding En’kara 2025 put those in a notecard and title it En’kara Fair 2025 then pass to Me
[12:20] Felicity Coronet: What Jazz mentioned is on My list.
[12:20] Felicity Coronet: But pass a notecard
[12:20] Felicity Coronet: And date it too!
[12:20] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:20] Loniki Loudon: I think they did a good job
[12:20] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:21] roho mbili (tf.latte): wedding slide show
[12:21] Loniki Loudon: I suppose there could be more meet and greet events
[12:21] roho mbili (tf.latte): oops
[12:21] roho mbili (tf.latte): sorry
[12:21] Loniki Loudon: But there were a lot of people atgtending
[12:21] Loniki Loudon: Sawubona Sis
[12:21] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): greetings eni
[12:22] Ariadne Crimson14 (ariadnecrimson14): Sawubona Sis
[12:22] Enigma Innovia: sanibona sisters…uhhmm.. am i late yet?
[12:22] Felicity Coronet: Yebo Eni
[12:22] Loniki Loudon: Next thing we need to plan is our anniversay
[12:22] slippery Clowes is online.
[12:22] Delia Clowes (delicieuse.kabila) is online.
[12:23] Enigma Innovia: @
[12:23] Loniki Loudon: So that is something we will need to start planning as far as events this year
[12:23] Loniki Loudon: Eni?
[12:24] Enigma Innovia: to c=reate a poster fdor anniversary, i will need a representative for photography
[12:24] roho mbili (tf.latte): raises hand
[12:24] Loniki Loudon: Ok, that last one worked very well
[12:24] roho mbili (tf.latte): smiles
[12:24] roho mbili (tf.latte): pj
[12:24] Enigma Innovia smooches
[12:24] roho mbili (tf.latte): blushes
[12:25] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:25] Loniki Loudon: I am thinking we should involve the other groups on the continent as we have done before
[12:25] Loniki Loudon: En?
[12:25] Felicity Coronet: I’ll get with Eni regarding the poster(s)
[12:25] Felicity Coronet: \#
[12:25] Enigma Innovia: roho and tthe tagline:WaNgao – presenting trhe new faces of gor..?
[12:26] Loniki Loudon: As I said, the last one was very good
[12:26] Enigma Innovia: #
[12:26] roho mbili (tf.latte): grumbles and adds more logs and stuff and tosses some old clothes
[12:26] KirstenMaebh is online.
[12:26] Loniki Loudon: It also works as the opening on our webpage
[12:26] Enigma Innovia musses roho’s hair and giggles
[12:27] Arjay (rje) smells burning wool
[12:27] roho mbili (tf.latte): gul[s
[12:27] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): @
[12:27] Zach Cheveyo (zachbrig) is online.
[12:27] Enigma Innovia: if roho’s c;othes, not much to burn…
[12:27] roho mbili (tf.latte): sniffs
[12:28] roho mbili (tf.latte): shivers
[12:28] Loniki Loudon: So that is the main items on the agenda today
[12:28] Loniki Loudon: En, you wished to share another anniversary?
[12:28] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:28] Ariadne Crimson14 (ariadnecrimson14): [12:27] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): @
[12:28] Felicity Coronet: Aii . . one of some importance
[12:28] Loniki Loudon: You have the floor
[12:29] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): @
[12:29] KirstenMaebh is offline.
[12:29] Joan (xindrix) is online.
[12:29] Felicity Coronet: On March 26tth 2007 I purchased a slave from House Iaomai
[12:30] Felicity Coronet: That very evening in a land called Tanriko the girl danced her submission to Me and I locked My collar around her neck.
[12:30] Felicity Coronet: This event pre-dated the founding of the Wa Ngao which occurred two weeks later
[12:31] Isa (isalia.michalak) is online.
[12:31] Felicity Coronet: That girl is Desire who has been Mine for 17 years as of tomorrow. Desire is also one of the “Five Founders” acting as 2nd Girl to the tribe.
[12:31] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): smiles
[12:31] Felicity Coronet: So, I wanted to share that anniversary with all of you
[12:31] Felicity Coronet: 17 year the girl has put up with Me
[12:31] Felicity Coronet: /m winks and smiles
[12:31] Loniki Loudon Smiles
[12:31] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): giggles
[12:32] Felicity Coronet: Asante My Nasiha
[12:32] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:32] Loniki Loudon: Hous Iaomai did not last as long
[12:32] Enigma Innovia: that sems a bit severe…
[12:32] Loniki Loudon: Outlived all the girls I had
[12:33] Dᴀɴɪ™ (danielle008) is online.
[12:33] Loniki Loudon: Over the years…
[12:33] roho mbili (tf.latte): eyes widen
[12:33] Arjay (rje): so we have two more weeks and a day to prepare for our celebration?
[12:33] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): other than youl and des..arjay and i are the longest standing couple that i know of
[12:33] Loniki Loudon: This council is now closed but think of items you would like to sede at o9ur anniversary for council next week
[12:34] Felicity Coronet nods
[12:34] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): @@@@@
[12:34] Felicity Coronet: Jazz?
[12:34] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Would like to suggest as we recover from fair that we keep Anniversary simple.
[12:34] Loniki Loudon: I will not be here next Monday
[12:34] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): #
[12:34] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): agrees..simple
[12:34] Felicity Coronet nods to Nasiha
[12:35] Loniki Loudon: Be at Whistler
[12:35] Enigma Innovia: whistler’s mother?
[12:35] Arjay (rje): free food and drink for a week as an event?
[12:35] Felicity Coronet: Nasiha and I are in agreement with what you have said Jazz
[12:35] Felicity Coronet: KISS
[12:35] Felicity Coronet: Keep it simple SIstes
[12:36] Loniki Loudon: Aii, it will likely be for us, so much smaller scale
[12:36] Felicity Coronet: But anyone should feel free to chat with Me or Nasiha regarding the anniveersary
[12:36] Arjay (rje): but I think we should distribute posters far and wide
[12:37] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): But good point to involve rest of continent.
[12:37] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): #
[12:37] Loniki Loudon: If people wish to come to TT
[12:38] Loniki Loudon: We are likely short on time to plan anything big like a dance performance
[12:38] Phil (philjohnuk.utorid) is offline.
[12:38] Loniki Loudon: Though we did have an invitational one year
[12:38] Phil (philjohnuk.utorid) is online.
[12:38] Felicity Coronet: Perhaps later in the year??
[12:38] Felicity Coronet: Too soon now I think
[12:39] Loniki Loudon: Aii, don’t need an anniversay to plan something like that
[12:39] Phil (philjohnuk.utorid) is offline.
[12:39] Loniki Loudon: it was a RFL event one year
[12:39] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Could have invitational or sponsor a contest?
[12:39] Felicity Coronet: Oh . . .that’s right!
[12:39] Felicity Coronet: Good idea again My Nasiha
[12:39] Arjay (rje): I think Ame puts out RLF boxes at every performance
[12:40] Loniki Loudon: Will depend heavily on Sis Ame
[12:40] Ally Cat (maluquete) is offline.
[12:40] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): and the stage manager *grins at Joy
[12:40] Felicity Coronet: Aii, stage manager!!
[12:40] Felicity Coronet: Asante Joy
[12:41] Loniki Loudon: We do have our own venue
[12:41] Loniki Loudon: I am thinking on the other side of the summer
[12:42] Felicity Coronet: Give some time in between, aii
[12:42] Loniki Loudon: We may have another dance or two by then
[12:42] Arjay (rje): summer is a bit crowded with other world interruptions
[12:42] roho mbili (tf.latte): @
[12:42] Felicity Coronet: Roho?
[12:42] roho mbili (tf.latte): another fair for a interruption?’
[12:43] Loniki Loudon: Roho?
[12:43] roho mbili (tf.latte): is thre another fair coming?
[12:43] roho mbili (tf.latte): #
[12:43] Felicity Coronet: The next En’kara air will be in March 2025
[12:43] Loniki Loudon: Oh, I doubt we would ever plan anything that big… that took all of gor
[12:44] Felicity Coronet: Aii My Nasiha
[12:44] Petra (petea.topaz): That will keep Roho from straying
[12:44] Loniki Loudon: That was a huge project to put together
[12:44] Arjay (rje): maybe we start planing our 18th anniversary
[12:44] roho mbili (tf.latte): blushes
[12:44] Isa (isalia.michalak) is offline.
[12:44] Loniki Loudon: maybe for an event at En Kara
[12:45] Felicity Coronet: I like that Arjay . . . positive thinking!!
[12:45] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:45] Loniki Loudon: Would make a nice En Kara dance theme
[12:46] Loniki Loudon: although that could be bad luck
[12:46] roho mbili (tf.latte): gulps
[12:46] Arjay (rje): I think I’m going to get blasted for that sugestion En 😛
[12:46] Loniki Loudon: Think that is how Sas went out, a dance at En Kara
[12:46] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): mmhmm
[12:46] Enigma Innovia giggles.. “oh i trhot you said positive drinking
[12:47] Felicity Coronet: thinking Eni . . .thinking!
[12:47] Petra (petea.topaz): @
[12:47] Loniki Loudon: Petra?
[12:47] Loniki Loudon: though council is over…
[12:47] Enigma Innovia: thinking of drinking…
[12:48] Petra (petea.topaz): Will we have a fishing contest with a massive prize
[12:48] Petra (petea.topaz): #
[12:48] Loniki Loudon: Not sure about any massive prize…
[12:48] Loniki Loudon: They can keep the massive tuna?
[12:49] roho mbili (tf.latte): pulls her camisk down
[12:50] Loniki Loudon: Kena was asking about trade, perhaps you can plan something Sis
[12:50] Alone Shadow (aloneinshadow) is online.
[12:50] Melo (cutemariam.melody) is online.
[12:50] Loniki Loudon: another visit perhaps
[12:51] Arjay (rje): our trade with Ko-ro-ba takes quite a bit of forethought
[12:51] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): We have a tuna tournament this week kii?
[12:51] Loniki Loudon: us?
[12:51] Felicity Coronet: I have not heard from TaeRel recently so not sure
[12:51] Wendy Jelasco is offline.
[12:51] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): awww lost wendy
[12:51] Felicity Coronet: TaeRel spoke of hosting another
[12:52] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle) points to board behind Nasiha
[12:52] Loniki Loudon: Mar 28th
[12:52] Ariadne Crimson14 (ariadnecrimson14): not trust board En forgets update it
[12:52] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): lol
[12:52] Felicity Coronet: Up-to-date as of today Pili Uta
[12:52] Felicity Coronet winks
[12:53] Loniki Loudon: except the tuna tourney
[12:53] Felicity Coronet: I’ll confirm with TaeRel and send a notice

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