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Tribal Council Jan 22, 2024

12:18] Felicity Coronet: Nasiha, I have a couple of things to share but then if You would, as We have been doing, recognize people that wish to speak? I will then sit and listen
12:19] Felicity Coronet: Asante for being here Wa Ngao
[12:19] Loniki Loudon nods to her
[12:20] Felicity Coronet: First, the Tribe is now officially committed to participating in En’Kara Fair in mid-March
[12:20] Felicity Coronet: We have a tent, and next to us are the Veck Jerag AND the City of Ko-ro-ba which will have two tents
12:21] Felicity Coronet: I wish the theme of our participation to be centered around music and dance
[[12:21] Arjay (rje): I would wonder if there is something special we could do there
[12:21] Felicity Coronet: Have been working with both MwalimuAme and Umculi Cerinity in that regard
[12:22] Felicity Coronet: ((Umculi is Musician in the Inland Dialect))
[12:23] Felicity Coronet: And in that regard be reviewing and even creating a dance to be performed at En’Kara
12:23] Felicity Coronet: Ame will begin soon with practice and rehearsals
[12:23] Wendy Jelasco: @
[12:24] Felicity Coronet: I am eager to see both En’Kara and dance be successfful
[12:24] Felicity Coronet: Wendy?
[12:24] Wendy Jelasco: I suggest to mark the kajirae dances and Loni’s dance for performance
[12:25] Felicity Coronet: That can be a discussion directly with Mwalimu
[12:25] Wendy Jelasco: aii En
[12:25] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:25] Felicity Coronet: Last thing I have is a request
[12:25] Felicity Coronet: Many Wa Ngao have been away, some for lengthy periods of time
[12:26] Felicity Coronet: I would ask each of you to from time-to-time to send an IM to someone that has been away
12:27] Felicity Coronet: There are currently 99 people listed as belonging to the tribe
[12:27] Felicity Coronet: Send an IM
[12:27] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:27] Wendy Jelasco: @
[12:27] Felicity Coronet: Wendy?
[12:27] Arjay (rje): @
[12:28] Wendy Jelasco: I think we do not have to say much in general
[12:28] Felicity Coronet: Then Arjay
[12:28] Wendy Jelasco: just like they do in some societies
[12:28] Wendy Jelasco: we could just tell them that their name is still spoken at the tires of the tribe
[12:28] Wendy Jelasco: #
[12:28] Arjay (rje): Those 90 people, do they include yellow candles?
[12:29] Felicity Coronet: Inb fact that is basically what I say, so aii!
[12:29] Loniki Loudon: @

[12:29] Felicity Coronet: Arjay, then Nasiha?
[12:29] Arjay (rje): Those 90 people, do they include yellow candles?
[12:29] Felicity Coronet: They are included, aii
[12:29] Arjay (rje): #
[12:30] Loniki Loudon: I suggest we should have a designated Membership Liaison to keep track of people who are away that are coming back, and to note those that are not likely coming back.
[12:30] Felicity Coronet: Nasiha?
12:30] Petra (petea.topaz): @
[12:30] Loniki Loudon: another officer position
[12:30] Felicity Coronet: Then Rocky?
[12:30] Loniki Loudon: #
[12:30] Felicity Coronet: Would need a volunteer but aii. Was the role of Mcheche, the tribal Scribe
[12:31] Felicity Coronet: Rocky?
[12:31] Petra (petea.topaz): As you know Eni has been seen around I have spoken with her but left to wander till she get back in the grove
[12:32] Petra (petea.topaz): #
[12:32] Loniki Loudon: cool
[12:32] 彡ღςєridωen Ɠυявυχღ彡 (katarina.smithson) is offline.
[12:32] Felicity Coronet: Kewl!
[12:32] Wendy Jelasco: @
[12:32] Felicity Coronet: She turns to Nasiha
12:33] Loniki Loudon: Wendy?
[12:33] Felicity Coronet: If You would recognize people to speak Sister, I will now sit and listen
[12:33] Loniki Loudon nods
[12:33] Wendy Jelasco: if and before Eni starts with wine I would like to talk with her
[12:33] Sandi (sandflea.lorefield) is offline.
[12:33] Wendy Jelasco: she could use one vine yard on our appallation
[12:34] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:34] Wendy Jelasco: grounds and grow Plam Wine
[12:34] Wendy Jelasco: #
[12:34] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): @
[12:34] Loniki Loudon: Will be nice to see Eni back
[12:34] Loniki Loudon: Jazz?
[12:34] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Huntress Eni uses the appellation for all the still etc on Farm
[12:35] Icini (icini.clawtooth) is offline.
[12:35] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): But not the wine
[12:35] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): #
[12:35] Loniki Loudon nods
[12:35] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:35] Loniki Loudon: En?
[12:35] Felicity Coronet: Communicate those things with Eni using IM Wendy. Everyone can feel free to use IMs to communicate. #
[12:36] Felicity Coronet: She sits back and listens
[12:37] Petra (petea.topaz): Please give her time to settle back in
[12:37] Loniki Loudon: So as you likely noticed, we been on the slow side since the holidays…
[12:38] Arjay (rje): @
[12:37] Felicity Coronet: Thinking long term though.
[12:38] Felicity Coronet: Bring some that have drifted away back into the fold
[12:38] Loniki Loudon: Personally I feel its because of a lack of weekly recurring events on the calender
[12:38] Loniki Loudon: Why I suggested making this a weekly recurring event
[12:38] Loniki Loudon: Arjaay?
[12:39] Loniki Loudon looks at keyboard sideways
[12:39] Loniki Loudon: Arjay?
[12:40] Arjay (rje): Regarding En’s topic it is difficult to say what will bring us more together, Specific things to do in general are good but part of our draw and retention is that we can do as we feel helps the tribe
[12:40] Arjay (rje): #
12:40] Loniki Loudon: Aii Sis
[12:40] Felicity Coronet listens
[12:40] Loniki Loudon: I think a regular dance sked will help too, that was always well attended
[12:41] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): agrees with arjay
[12:41] Wendy Jelasco nods
[12:41] Arjay (rje): aii, I love the dance
[12:41] Wendy Jelasco: all do
[12:41] Loniki Loudon: Aii
[12:41] Loniki Loudon: We just need tpo fill in Tuesday
[12:42] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:42] Loniki Loudon: Or Thursday
[12:42] Loniki Loudon: En?
[12:43] Felicity Coronet: Remember, until May 5th, I am away at this time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So depending on all of you to host, sponsor, suggest, participate, in activities.
[12:43] Loniki Loudon: Aii
[12:43] Felicity Coronet: “If it’s gonna be it’s up to Me”!!
[12:43] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:43] Felicity Coronet: Me meaning all of Y/you!
[12:43] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:43] Loniki Loudon: I suggest you retire so here every day
[12:43] Loniki Loudon laughs
[12:44] Felicity Coronet: Helps pay the tier Sis
[12:44] Felicity Coronet winks
[12:44] Loniki Loudon: aii, I suppose
[12:44] Wendy Jelasco whispers party
[12:44] Loniki Loudon: Do you know what day Sis plans to do dance?
[12:45] Felicity Coronet: Not yet . . . but thinking Wednesday. I will confirm with Ame
[12:45] Loniki Loudon: Oh, forgetting, Wed is open also
[12:45] Felicity Coronet: Aii
[12:45] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:45] Loniki Loudon: I think it might be nice if we did some traveling agaain
[12:46] Loniki Loudon: field trips to cities and other tribes
[12:46] Loniki Loudon: Anyone have anything else?
[12:46] Petra (petea.topaz): My be Roho should take us shopping
[12:46] Arjay (rje): 2
[12:47] Arjay (rje): @
[12:47] Loniki Loudon: especiaally ideas on increasing participation
[12:47] Loniki Loudon: Arjay?
[12:47] Loniki Loudon whispers: I like shopping trips
[12:48] Arjay (rje): I think I should say that my times can get hectic, between the other world and required tasks here to keep things running so I am not always around for all of noontime
[12:48] Arjay (rje): #
[12:48] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): @
[12:48] Loniki Loudon nods
[12:49] Loniki Loudon: Aii Sis, think that effects everyone
[12:49] Loniki Loudon: and just is more pronouced during the holidays
[12:49] Loniki Loudon: Jazz?
[12:49] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): 2 items
First disagree with Nasiha suggesting something scheduled everyday. Be nice ot have at least one day to do what Y/you want.
Second be nice to have some role play in camp vice always socializing,
[12:50] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): #
[12:50] Felicity Coronet nods to Jazz
[12:50] Loniki Loudon: I was just pointing out that we do best at weekly events..
[12:50] Felicity Coronet nods to Nasiha
[12:50] Loniki Loudon: But can always have a day for specual events also
[12:51] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): greetings ribbons
[12:51] Petra (petea.topaz): Sawubona Ribbons
[12:51] Wolf (hina.mhia) is online.
[12:51] Loniki Loudon: To me that is Sunday, aa daay not normally planned
[12:51] Felicity Coronet: Sawubona Isa
[12:51] Isa (isalia.michalak): Sawuboan Family
[12:51] Felicity Coronet smiles warmly
[12:51] Loniki Loudon: Sawubona Sis
[12:51] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:51] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Aii but we had all 5 days scheduled for a time and leaves little time to rp
[12:51] Wendy Jelasco: Sawubona Ribbons
[12:51] Loniki Loudon: En
[12:51] Felicity Coronet: We will be 17 year s old in April. I want to be sure a malaise is not setting in. You know. Being to comfortable with things the way they have been. Want to see what We can do to invigorate the tribe
[12:52] Felicity Coronet: Open to all ideas so please share
[12:52] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:52] Felicity Coronet: ((“Our” tribe, not “My” tribe))
[12:52] Loniki Loudon: Aii, and normally when we are active, people see us and want to join in also
[12:52] Felicity Coronet: Aii My Nasiha
[12:53] Loniki Loudon: Our new memberships are down also
[12:53] Loniki Loudon: \Not had a new pledge or kaji9ra in a while
[12:54] Arjay (rje): Didn’t we just have two?
[12:54] Loniki Loudon: Well this is something to think on for next council
[12:54] Joy (maretak.masala): bits her lips, even blood drip down her chin
[12:54] Isa (isalia.michalak): are the WaNgao going to dance again ???
[12:54] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): i thought we did
[12:54] Loniki Loudon: We will be picking up dance again
[12:54] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Joy speak do not bite lip shut
12:55] Wendy Jelasco: girl come closer
[12:55] Kena (kendall.evensong): Greetings En
[12:55] Loniki Loudon: and I hope we will be doing new dances and stear clear of complex coreography…
[12:55] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): greetings kena
[12:55] Petra (petea.topaz): Yebo Kena
[12:55] Arjay (rje): Sawubona Kena
[12:55] Ariadne Crimson14 (ariadnecrimson14): Sawubona
[12:55] Wendy Jelasco: girl come closer
[12:55] Kena (kendall.evensong): Greetings En
[12:55] Loniki Loudon: and I hope we will be doing new dances and stear clear of complex coreography…
[12:55] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): greetings kena
[12:55] Petra (petea.topaz): Yebo Kena
[12:55] Arjay (rje): Sawubona Kena
[12:55] Isa (isalia.michalak): oh my … I hope there are no vampires around , with all that blood on your chin , Hoy
[12:55] Isa (isalia.michalak): Joy*
[12:55] Loniki Loudon: That coreagraphy lesson landed like a brick
[12:55] Tara (tarionsilverthorn) is online.
[12:56] Loniki Loudon: Sawubona Kena
[12:56] Kena (kendall.evensong): Sawubona Huntresses
[12:56] Isa (isalia.michalak): Sawubona Kena
[12:56] Loniki Loudon: Joy, did you have something?
[12:56] KirstenMaebh is online.
[12:56] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle) looks to her sister
[12:57] Sherry DayThunder (sherryh99) is online.
[12:57] Petra (petea.topaz): Making a dance is beyond me
[12:57] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:58] Loniki Loudon: Well its mosty just writting a dance, kinda like writting a poem
[12:58] Loniki Loudon: En?
[12:58] Isa (isalia.michalak): do we not have a sister that is in the Minx dance company ?
[12:58] Loniki Loudon: We do
[12:59] Joy (maretak.masala) is offline.
[12:59] Felicity Coronet: I am perhaps putting words in Mwalimu’s mouth but dances will fall into two groups. 1) Individual dances where one of you writes and dance and Mwalimu helps you and 2) A group dance where You volunteers to help the writer of the dance see it performed.
[12:59] Felicity Coronet: For 1) You as the creator will have full control
[12:59] Nua Dahl-Francis (msbuttercup) is offline.
[13:00] Felicity Coronet: For 2) Filling a position required for the dance, limited control
[13:00] Petra (petea.topaz): Sawubona Sherry
[13:00] Felicity Coronet: #
[13:00] Felicity Coronet: Sawubona Sherry
[13:00] Loniki Loudon: Dance will be on our regular skedule soon
[13:00] Wendy Jelasco: Sawubona Sherry Sis
[13:01] Loniki Loudon: Personally I prefer to work on my own dances. Myself I normally write the lyrics, and then emote the dances to it
[13:01] Isa (isalia.michalak): smiles
[13:01] Sherry DayThunder (sherryh99): Snaibona sisters
[13:01] Sherry DayThunder (sherryh99): sorry to be late
[13:01] Loniki Loudon: But our last colaboration turned out well
[13:02] Loniki Loudon: With The Hunt
[13:02] Wynd (tiffany100) is offline.
[13:02] Ariadne Crimson14 (ariadnecrimson14): Sawubona
[13:02] Wendy Jelasco: ((AFK))
[13:02] Loniki Loudon: But lets not end rthis here and think about topice for next week
[13:03] Felicity Coronet nods
[13:03] Sherry DayThunder (sherryh99): When are we going to start Natural Combat?
[13:03] Sherry DayThunder (sherryh99): And visiting other regions?
[13:04] Felicity Coronet: Soon I trust!
[13:04] Felicity Coronet smiles
[13:04] Loniki Loudon: Thats is an idea Sis, and really need someone to take charge of that. NC was aa popular event when it was running
[13:04] Sherry DayThunder (sherryh99): Good if we can discuss some of these things in the coming weeks
[13:05] Loniki Loudon: I hope everyone will think on all this and present if next week
[13:05] Felicity Coronet: And again, I am away Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at this time of day so . . . “If it’s gonna be, it’s up to me (You)”!
[13:05] Felicity Coronet smiles
[13:05] Loniki Loudon: We will have a council/discussion group every Monday at noon
[13:06] Sherry DayThunder (sherryh99): I will be traveling back to UK next week….so you may not see much of me until following week
[13:06] Loniki Loudon: and hope everyone can participate
[13:06] Loniki Loudon: This concludes council for today, thank you everyone for being here and participating

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