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Kujitoa Means Commitment

In the native languages kujitoa means commitment. The Wa Ngao are a progressive tribe and the need for a middle ranking between kajira and huntress was evident. Kujitoa is not an easy position to meet and one must be a committed senior kajira to be considered for kujitoa. While kujitoa is a relatively new ranking in the tribe, the idea of downward mobility to this ranking will also be considered if one is a Huntress in good standing.

Snapshot_006Jazz becomes the first Kujitoa Wa Ngao, symbolized by bow on back, broom in hand

The kujitoa stand beside the taluna as sisters but are more inclined to keep the camp. Most kujitoa are former kajirae and serving is what is in their hearts. They are not owned. They serve the tribe but may have a more intimate relationship with another be that other a taluna, kujitoa, or a kajira.

When they serve Wa Ngao in camp they may serve in the kajira manner but this is not mandatory. Kujitoa will serve visitors, guests, and Wa Ngao outside of camp more in the manner of FW in civilized Gor, or not at all, or as En requests. But a Kujitoa who has become too independent will be asked to become taluna in the ranking of the tribe.

The kujitoa will be the keepers of camp, maintaining the fires, cooking, cleaning, fishing, brewing, gathering and may even hunt small game. A kujitoa does not wear a collar per-say but something more fitting of the higher ranking in the tribal sense. Kujitoa will commonly be in charge of kajirae in the smooth running of the camp.

The kujitoa will typically fight in self defense or in defense of the camp. When the taluna go to aid in fights on the continent the kujitoa would typically stay back to defend camp but may join the party in a second tier carrying extra quivers, bandages, salves and binding ropes. This in no way prevents a kujitoa from joining in a fight if aid is needed or she desires to aid her sisters. The kujitoa may also act as lures to attract strangers in the jungles.

When the tribe travels the kujitoa will carry trade goods and equipment necessary for setting up campsites. They may also dance, sing and play instruments to attract merchants and others when trading. When the taluna travel in disguise the kujitoa will travel as low caste FW or as a kajira with collar and silks befitting however the taluna are disguised.

An example of a kujitoa ceremony is here.

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