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Jungles of Gor


About the Wa Ngao Tribe

Tribal Philosophy and Guiding Principle


Gor, is a complicating culture in itself. Gor in the medium which we know as Second Life provided a rich visual environment that brought this universe that we’ve come to embrace closer to life.

The Gorean communities that popped up in SL ranged from lifestylers, role players, combatants or Gorcraft and its mode of interaction spans from being an online extension of a lifestyle to mere shoot, capture, rape and kill. These players range from being lifestyle Goreans who are never in character or out, as they are what they are. And there are those left mouse button mashers, who are in it for the gaming aspect. Who do not know or took time to learn of the universe that they play in.

There are many interpretations of Gor. There is not one that will suit all. I do not demand that mine is the best. My Gor is about what I believe in – is that in the core of a Gorean is about respect and loyalty. And as a taluna, our courage and our will to survive in the harsh environment that we live in

The Wa Ngao could not be defined as a lifestyle tribe. For if we were, we would have lived according to Gorean ideals. There will be no characterization. Our Avatar is an extension of our RL personalities in SL. We would have lived in the balance of Gor’s natural institution of slavery. And in this, we would have treated our slaves differently for one.

The Wa Ngao was never meant to be a D/s tribe. The only reference to D/s the Wa Ngao has are its sensibilities – being safe, being sane and most importantly with consent.

The members of Wa Ngao are “role players” first and foremost. When we shoulder a bow, call upon a kajira, trap fish, milk a verr, hunt some vulo, raise a bowl of paga to our lips, we are role playing. For these things do not exist in our RL. We, as a group are interacting in a common make believe universe of Gor and what it means to our hearts.

In an RP environment, there are those who play a character cleverly written out like an actor in a movie. At times, we come across Xena, who knows close to nothing of the role that she portrays as a panther of Gor. But she exist in SL Gor for the excitement of role playing a warrior princess, raped, escaped and seeking revenge.

What makes the Wa Ngao unique, is that our members do not play a make believe character. A back story is not required to determine the actions of your character in any interaction. We encourage the merger of our members’ personalities in their SL roles. But my demand is that the person is true to herself, as a taluna or as a kajira of Wa Ngao.

I may be standing in a boardroom in a dress, pitching for a piece of business to the Chairman of a multinational company. Or shopping in a mall in my most girly dress, but my heart and soul is still taluna. A strong, loyal woman with respect for all living things around me. This defines me. This is the core of my being.

The Wa Ngao was founded to provide an immersive environment for a unique group of people to play the roles of a band of outlaws, living on their own means to survive the harshness of this world, in the Jungles of Schendi, in the universe of Gor.

We may not demand that a member’s character should come to being from events that may have happened in the books. We demand that a member be knowledgeable or be in pursuit of, to be part of our environment. To immerse themselves into our environment, to live the lives of a few Gorean outlaws, who have banded together to survive, to being invisible to the rest of the Gorean world, to avoid return to the cities that we have escaped from and to avoid the rules of men.

We demand that our members, through knowledge to reciprocate to the environment that we have created and enrich it with your roles, your vision of how you, as a taluna of Gor live your lives amongst us and partake in a communal story. This defines the Wa Ngao, that we immerse in our roles, (not role play) in our environment. That we carry ourselves as taluna in everything that we do, with strength, courage, respect and loyalty to the woman who stands or kneels beside us and respect for them and the land that we live in.

As I have stated at the beginning of this letter to You, My Sister, I may not have the answers but in this, I hope that I am able to help You remember the founding philosophies of the Wa Ngao.

And finally, the speed of a pack is determined by its leader. So the state of the Wa Ngao is determined by You, My En as You see fit, for the ever changing environment of the land and the needs of Your tribe.


Tarsha Ra, Heshimewa-En of Wa Ngao
Original Founder

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