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Welcome to the jungle rain forests of the Schendi region of Gor. These lands are the home of the Wa Ngao Taluna tribe. Extending south from the Ven Highlands to the Ta-Thassa Mountains, and bounded on the west by the Thassa Sea, while upstream lay the Falls of Bila Haruma, the Wa Ngao Taluna tribe lives life based on the Chronicles of Gor, by author John Norman.

The tribe was founded in April of 2007 to be a living example of lives led by these amazing women. While only passing reference to Taluna is made, particularly in volume 13, “Explorers of Gor”, the sisters of the Wa Ngao, both Taluna and kajirae, have based their characters on interpretations of information about Gor. The rainforest jungles are vast and extensive and the Wa Ngao make their camp deep in the most remote part safe from the prying eyes of the Free that pass through, some briefly stopping at the Korat Trading Post to rest or trade.

The Wa Ngao Taluna tribe takes it’s name from Lake Ngao which is shaped like a shield. “Of the Shield” is the translation for Wa Ngao and reflects the close bond shared by those belonging to the tribe. While trade and the production of palm wine for trade are important activities, the Wa Ngao hunt, fish, and harvest the bounty provided by the jungles.

Felicity Coronet
En Wa Ngao

In 1966 John Normal penned his first book “Tarnsmen of Gor”. Since that time to present he has written 33 books of science fiction about life on the planet Gor. This is the setting that the Wa Ngao taluna tribe exists in. (Don’t worry; all you need is a general understanding of Gor.)

The tribe is made up of talented people from all aspects of life. It is truly an international setting and while we are mostly English speaking, it need not be your native language. We always welcome new people and if this sounds like fun, it will cost you nothing to find out. Visit the Second Life page under the about tab to learn more.

Loniki Loudon
Se Wa Ngao

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