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Writer’s Workshop – Creating “Backstories”

Part of creating an authentic role as a Taluna is the creation and sharing of an interest-catching “backstory”.  Such a story adds depth to the role chosen and gives others an opportunity to know your character, and you, better.  The tribe gathered at the hunting camp in the southern jungles for a workshop on writing backstories.  Sister Ama hosted and shared insight into both the creation of a new story, and the enhancement of an already existing story.


This week the workshop concentrated on creation of introductions to your story which are intended to grab the attention and spur the imagination of those hearing it.  Every other week the workshop will be held to augment the gathering hosted by Sister Sandi where these stories are shared with others of the tribe.  The next “Sharing Backstories” hosted by Sandi will be on the 17th of February.    The next workshop on writing backstories will be hosted by Ama on the 26th of February.

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