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Jaryap the larl dies 03-24-2014

[17:37] Jaryap (bogdanvukovic) lays bleeding badly, many arrows stuck in him

[17:41] Vixen (redhotvixen.toxx): wondered if the larl would attack should she try to pull the arrows out. She steps closer and kneels down.

[17:42] Vixen (redhotvixen.toxx): Sheathing her sword, she gently places a hand…..expecting to get bit anytime.

[17:45] Jaryap (bogdanvukovic) bleeds very badly, the arrow and cut wounds are many

[17:47] Vixen (redhotvixen.toxx): takes a look and since he hasn’t even growled she figured he was in bad shape. She began pulling the arrows out one by one. Grabbing hold of the shaft and pulling them out fast so not to cause more harm to the beast. Up close he was a magnificent creature.

[17:52] Vixen (redhotvixen.toxx): One by one she pulled them out until she saw no more. Then she did what she could do and took off the bandages about her waist and tried to wrap them around the beast………..quite a feat this was! “Oi you’re a heavy one.” she muttered as she tried to lift his body to get the bandages around. She didn’t know if this would help, but she would sit here with the beast until he could at least walk……..there was no way she could carry him! Tying the bandage off, she laid her head on an unwounded part of his front leg, and ran her hand over his soft fur, “Please don’t die….” she whispered as she fell asleep………weakened from her own wounds.

[17:54] Jaryap (bogdanvukovic) gasps once more, then no breathing or heart beat can be heard of felt

[17:56] GM for Beasts 4.43 ~ BogdanVukovic Resident has been killed ~

[18:06] Vixen (redhotvixen.toxx): heard the gasp, waking her from her light sleep. “No!” she cried……..even though the larl had attacked her twice……the hunt was exhilarating and she’d developed a deep respect for him. She sat up and ran her hands over his bloodied corpse, tears running down her cheeks. She knew what she had to do and so she did.She took out her sharp dagger and cut him in the belly from stem to stern and began to skin the pelt – she had checked to be sure the beast was indeed dead before she cut into him. She finally was able to get the skin from him and laid it out on the jungle floor to dry. She was now pretty much covered in blood, and she began to cut into the meat, taking all that she could so as not to waste any of it, setting it on the pelt as she did so. When she was done, she began to dig in the earth to make a grave for him, and bury all the bones and organs……then she stopped for a minute thinking the En might want to see the heart and she cut that out too. Then went back to finishing the grave for the beast. Once completed she dragged the carcass into the grave, put down her dagger, and buried him with great care using just her hands. Part way through she remembered what Mgomo had said about the teeth and since she’d only covered the back end she knelt down with her dagger and cut out the teeth……..thinking perhaps she’d make a necklace of them to hang about her neck in remembrance. Once that was done, she also placed the teeth on the pelt and finished the task of covering the carcass. She placed her hand on the fresh mound and continued to sob for the loss of an animal, even if a predator…………she knew it was instinct of the beast. After a time, she got up and folded the pelt by the four corners, picking it up over her shoulder, even though it hurt like hell to do so. “Goodbye fierce one, you will ever be remembered by this Taluna!” she said and headed for home.

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    Our gianis are dropping like flies and I need new moccasins!

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