Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe

Jungles of Gor


Tribal Council 5-8-2023

Minutes of Meeting (unedited)

[12:03] Felicity Coronet: It is good to see everyone
[12:04] Loniki Loudon: Good to see you Shadow
[12:04] Felicity Coronet: Especially pleased to have Our Sister Shadow Home again after Her long time awway
[12:04] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:04] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister) smiles at Loni
[12:05] Felicity Coronet: Let Us being then.
[12:06] Felicity Coronet: She turns to Loniki
[12:06] Kirsten Asturias-Francis (kirsten295) is online.
[12:06] Loniki Loudon: Sawubona Wa Ngao, good to see everyone
[12:06] Felicity Coronet: My Nasiha . . . You may begin
[12:06] Loniki Loudon: We had a glitch mast friday with the website
[12:07] Loniki Loudon: last*
[12:07] Felicity Coronet nods
[12:07] Loniki Loudon: I was able to get it back to normal again so it is easy to read once more
[12:07] Felicity Coronet: Well done!
[12:07] Petra (petea.topaz): Phew
[12:07] Loniki Loudon: You also have announcements Sis
[12:07] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): nice Loni
[12:08] Wendy Jelasco: asante Loni
[12:08] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): YAY
[12:08] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:09] Loniki Loudon: Yes En
[12:09] Felicity Coronet: I have a couple
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[12:09] Felicity Coronet: First, I have mentioned a Visitor to Our jungles which many have met . . . Samantha Sandpiper
[12:10] Felicity Coronet: She has returned but sadly without Her Friend Raven
[12:10] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): ah yes
[12:10] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): awwww
[12:10] Felicity Coronet: Such things happen of course
[12:11] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): all to often
[12:11] Felicity Coronet: But I spoken with Samantha just last night and She has taken a room at the Korat Trading Post tavern
[12:11] Loniki Loudon: cool
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[12:12] Ally (maluquete) is offline.
[12:12] Arjay (rje): ((vack(())
[12:12] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): It is nice to see people at Korat
[12:12] Felicity Coronet: She is not yet ready to commit to pledging Our tribe but to paraphrase Her words she need time to heal from losing Her Friend Raven to the “Other World”
[12:12] Felicity Coronet: She mentioned that She felt this was a good place to come to heal
[12:12] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:12] Loniki Loudon nods
[12:12] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): nice
[12:12] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster) whispers: smiles
[12:12] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Out Heritage
[12:12] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Our
[12:13] Felicity Coronet: So, be kind. Be welcoming. She has been given free access to Our camps
[12:13] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): aii
[12:13] Felicity Coronet: Aii Jazz, one of the founding principles of the Wa Ngao
[12:13] Wendy Jelasco nods
[12:13] Felicity Coronet: She’s kind of hurting at the moment but I judge Her to be a good soul
[12:13] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:13] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:14] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Wa Ngao even welcomed Malcy *smiles
[12:14] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): @
[12:14] Palen Cale is online.
[12:15] Loniki Loudon: Aii Sis?
[12:15] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): is Samantha currently a Free Woman or a Huntress?
[12:15] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): Just curious
[12:16] Loniki Loudon looks to En
[12:16] Felicity Coronet: Hummmm . . . I suspect more huntress
[12:16] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister) nods
[12:16] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): #
[12:16] Loniki Loudon: well thats an extra point
[12:16] Felicity Coronet: When first coming that was how She was dressed
[12:16] Loniki Loudon grins
[12:17] Loniki Loudon: Anyone else have news for the tribe since last council?
[12:17] Loniki Loudon looks to Petra
[12:17] Felicity Coronet: She looks around
[12:17] Arjay (rje) cannot remember how she was dressed for her first meeting
[12:17] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:17] Loniki Loudon: Perhaps news on the new residents?
[12:18] Felicity Coronet: I have another while people think My Nasiha
[12:18] Petra (petea.topaz): Well we have the new camp in the Jungle of Balozi
[12:18] Loniki Loudon: Yes En?
[12:18] Felicity Coronet: Oh . .okay
[12:18] Wendy Jelasco: @
[12:18] Felicity Coronet: She listens to Balozi
[12:18] Loniki Loudon: Are they friendly?
[12:18] Petra (petea.topaz): They are still not aloud combat
[12:18] Loniki Loudon nods
[12:18] Loniki Loudon: So could walk into their camp
[12:18] karah (carlymarierae): @
[12:19] Petra (petea.topaz): Until they make peace with the Veck they are still visitors
[12:19] Petra (petea.topaz): You can walk round there camp
[12:19] ειεȻτરλ (rosa.rodas) is online.
[12:19] Loniki Loudon: That makes sense, there was issues in that respect with the last tribe
[12:19] Petra (petea.topaz): Wa Ngao will not be attacked
[12:20] Loniki Loudon: I suppose burning down the tavern made no friends
[12:20] Petra (petea.topaz): Carly
[12:20] Wendy Jelasco: @
[12:20] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): sister dahl has been to baloozy but i have not yet gone
[12:20] karah (carlymarierae) smiles to Blozi….asante..
[12:20] Felicity Coronet: @
12:20] Loniki Loudon: Carly?
[12:21] Petra (petea.topaz): You have a question Karah
[12:21] Loniki Loudon: Or more correctly, Karah
[12:21] karah (carlymarierae): only something to let the Tribe know about but after this topic please Huntress
12:22] Petra (petea.topaz): Ok Karah
[12:22] Petra (petea.topaz): Wendy
[12:22] Wendy Jelasco: two things
[12:22] Petra (petea.topaz): then En
[12:22] Wendy Jelasco: with respect to the individal who may be kajira or Huntress
[12:23] Wendy Jelasco: we do it as we always do in our tribe
[12:23] Wendy Jelasco: it is the choice of the individual to be a Sister to stand as Huntress or to kneel and to serves
[12:23] Petra (petea.topaz): Yes Wendy
[12:23] Wendy Jelasco: second
[12:24] Wendy Jelasco: Wa Ngao will not be target of the new neighbours
[12:24] Wendy Jelasco: yes
[12:24] Loniki Loudon: I would hope so
] Wendy Jelasco: but if Veck En call Wa Ngao to Arms
[12:24] Loniki Loudon: We would be caught off guard
[12:24] Petra (petea.topaz): They will not be targets
[12:24] Wendy Jelasco: no question the tribe will support our Sisters
[12:24] Wendy Jelasco: #
[12:24] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister) nods in agreement
[12:25] Petra (petea.topaz): they have to respect the rule like the Veck do
12:25] Loniki Loudon: and not burn down their inn…
[12:25] Petra (petea.topaz): Not yet and i doubt they will ask
[12:25] Petra (petea.topaz): En
[12:25] Felicity Coronet: I must caution A/all. The Allied Tribes of Balozi are composed on Huntresses and perhaps an occasionally a Mamba, that may not know the Wa Ngao. TAKE NO CHANCE AND DO NOT ASSUME. Everyone hear that?
[12:26] Loniki Loudon: I do not know of any problems they could have caused
[12:26] Wendy Jelasco: not our decision Petra
[12:26] karah (carlymarierae): aii En
[12:26] Kai (kaiover): aii En
[12:26] Joy (maretak.masala): aii my En
[12:26] Felicity Coronet: However, that being said, the Veck Jerag meet in Council on Wednesday and I think things will be peacefully resolved
[12:26] Wendy Jelasco: @
[12:26] Loniki Loudon nods
[12:26] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:26] Loniki Loudon: Should we scout them?
[12:27] Loniki Loudon: Break the ice
[12:27] Petra (petea.topaz): They have just a quarter of the sim
[12:27] Petra (petea.topaz): and you will be welcome to visit
[12:27] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): who are THEY?
[12:27] Loniki Loudon: or what are they?
[12:27] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): thats the better question
[12:27] Loniki Loudon: Taluna?
[12:28] Petra (petea.topaz): They are a collaboration of tribes
[12:28] Petra (petea.topaz): Micro tribes
[12:28] Loniki Loudon: so outcasts perhaps
[12:28] Petra (petea.topaz): those that may fold without help
[12:28] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:28] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): I see
[12:28] Wendy Jelasco: @
[12:29] Loniki Loudon: En?
[12:29] Kai (kaiover): (they are tribes that individually can not afford a home sim)
[12:29] Felicity Coronet: Will be sort of an abventure to meet and find out who these people are. ((Good RP, aii?))
[12:29] Petra (petea.topaz): Yes Kai
[12:29] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:29] Loniki Loudon: aii
[12:29] Loniki Loudon: We should plan a trip
[12:29] Petra (petea.topaz): They are looking for RP
12:30] Loniki Loudon: We can lay out expectations on a visit
[12:30] Petra (petea.topaz): Yes
[12:30] Petra (petea.topaz): Wendy
[12:30] roho mbili (tf.latte) is online.
[12:30] Loniki Loudon: And perhaps it is time for a continental meeting
[12:30] Wendy Jelasco: one word about Mamba
[12:30] Wendy Jelasco: aii LOni good idea
[12:31] Petra (petea.topaz): En
[12:31] Loniki Loudon: Shendi Federation perhaps
[12:31] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): Mambas?
[12:31] Wendy Jelasco: anyway Mamba I would like to point out that my mate is Mamba and Sangoma well know among the old mamba
[12:31] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): oh I see
[12:31] Wendy Jelasco: unfortunately she is unlikely to return to SL
[12:31] Felicity Coronet: Aii Rocky?
[12:31] Wendy Jelasco: #
[12:32] Petra (petea.topaz): I thought you wanted to speak
[12:32] Felicity Coronet: When this topic is finished
[12:32] Felicity Coronet: I am fine but asante Sister
12:33] Petra (petea.topaz): So my last comment on this is It is not a done deal till Maebh says so
[12:33] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): ((brb, phone))
[12:33] Felicity Coronet nods
[12:33] Petra (petea.topaz): ###
[12:34] Loniki Loudon: Karah?
[12:34] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): greetings roho
[12:34] Petra (petea.topaz): Sawubona Roho
[12:34] Wendy Jelasco: sawubona Roho
[12:34] Loniki Loudon: Sawubona Roho
[12:34] roho mbili (tf.latte): sawubona my En and everyoone and all
[12:34] Joy (maretak.masala): Sawubona 3rd girl
[12:34] Felicity Coronet nods and smiles to Roho
[12:34] karah (carlymarierae): @
[12:35] Loniki Loudon: Karah?
[12:35] karah (carlymarierae): asante Se’
[12:35] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): ((back))
[12:35] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): wb
[12:36] karah (carlymarierae): I just wish to let our En and Tribe know that last evening I was at a meeting in Ko-ro-ba for dance….
[12:36] Wendy Jelasco: ((wb))
[12:36] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): ty
[12:36] Loniki Loudon: )Oh cool
[12:36] roho mbili (tf.latte): adds some loghe to the almost dead fire
[12:36] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): Sawubona Roho
[12:36] karah (carlymarierae): They are planning their anniversary and on saturday 15th July they will hold a dance show
[12:36] karah (carlymarierae): They have the theme of celebration for their Ubar…so all dances will be things He likes
[12:37] Petra (petea.topaz): smiles ar Roho
[12:37] karah (carlymarierae): this girl will do a dance with the game kaissa as the subject, his favourite game I was informed
[12:37] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:37] karah (carlymarierae): and they plan to invite the Taluna, here, to put in a dance to
[12:37] roho mbili (tf.latte): movees closer to Balozi and lays her head on her log
[12:37] karah (carlymarierae): aii En?
[12:37] Loniki Loudon: This is good
12:38] Loniki Loudon: En?
[12:38] Felicity Coronet: ((I add this OOC for those that may be unaware. Ubar Scar is dealing with His RL daughter’s illness and she has been given not much time to live. He is a good man and has much respect for Our tribe so keep He and His family in Your thughts))
[12:39] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:39] karah (carlymarierae) nods to our En on her message
[12:39] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): aii
[12:39] Loniki Loudon: sheesh, thats terrible
[12:39] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): so sad
[12:39] Felicity Coronet: Aii, it is!
[12:39] roho mbili (tf.latte): listens and nods slolwy
[12:39] karah (carlymarierae): ##
[12:40] Loniki Loudon: OK, couple things…
[12:40] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): @
[12:41] Loniki Loudon: When someone has the floor and someone else uses a @, it is good practice that the person who has the floor be the one to acknowledge the @
[12:41] Loniki Loudon: Especially if they are finished
[12:41] Loniki Loudon: Jazz?
[12:41] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Any ideas for a dance theme to honor Ko-ro-ba or Ubar Scar?
[12:41] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): #
[12:42] roho mbili (tf.latte): listens more closely than usual
[12:42] Loniki Loudon: Good question, but I suppose we should first be invited and Karah it seems is doing na dance
[12:42] Arjay (rje): trade?
[12:43] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Only 2 months away..
[12:43] Loniki Loudon: Perhaps Karah should be our liaison with the Ko-ro-ba dance group
[12:43] Felicity Coronet nods
[12:43] Loniki Loudon: Since she is affiliatted with them and us
[12:43] Wendy Jelasco nods in agreement
[12:43] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Mwalimu is also
[12:43] Loniki Loudon: Karah is that acceptable with you?
[12:43] karah (carlymarierae): happy to do this with Mwalimu
[12:43] karah (carlymarierae): aii Se’
[12:44] Loniki Loudon laughs
[12:44] Loniki Loudon: Excellent, Sister is already overworked,
[12:44] Felicity Coronet: @
[12:44] karah (carlymarierae): aii En?
[12:44] Felicity Coronet: As W/we all know Mwalimu Ame has been dedicated to helping Our tribe with dance. We all acknowledge how important this has been.
[12:44] Felicity Coronet: She will be taking a few weeks off to deal with Her RL issues and in the mean time She wishes U/us to continue with preparations for dance
[12:44] Loniki Loudon: One less thing for her so if you can keep us informed on Ko-ro-ba dance matters, that would be great
[12:45] karah (carlymarierae): aii Se’
12:45] Loniki Loudon: I think we have a subject…
[12:45] Felicity Coronet: But in that time She has spoken at My request for Karah to assist with the selection of dance animations for new dances that are or have been written
[12:45] Felicity Coronet: I speak of your dance in particular Roho
[12:45] Loniki Loudon: Perhaps a dance outlining dealing with an outside group like a city…
[12:46] roho mbili (tf.latte): oh
[12:46] roho mbili (tf.latte): unmn
[12:46] roho mbili (tf.latte): asate
[12:46] karah (carlymarierae) smiles to roho
[12:46] Felicity Coronet: There is much that can continue to be done and Karah has been well trained by Mwalimu to help with this
[12:47] roho mbili (tf.latte): she smiles at karah and whispers ‘i need a dance for dummies i guess’
[12:47] Felicity Coronet: So, We carry on with this activity and take inspiration from Mwalimu’s wonderful leadership
[12:47] Loniki Loudon: I*f this follows our lead, I suppose we should concentrate on one or two dances…
[12:47] Wendy Jelasco: @
[12:47] Eadriana Crimson14 (ariadnecrimson14) is offline.
[12:47] Felicity Coronet: #
[12:47] Loniki Loudon: Wendy?
[12:47] Wendy Jelasco: maybe a bit besides the subject
[12:48] 彡ღςєridωen Ɠυявυχღ彡 (katarina.smithson) is offline.
[12:48] Wendy Jelasco: first I think I will not be fully armed when here i camp
[12:48] Loniki Loudon: That makes sense
[12:48] Wendy Jelasco: combat ready only at a minimum but always ready to run into my hut
[12:48] Wendy Jelasco: and be ready to fight within a minutes
[12:48] Wendy Jelasco: secpmd
[12:49] Wendy Jelasco: 2nd
[12:49] Loniki Loudon: I have made it my normal practice to not be armed and wear a meter when in safe areas
[12:49] Wendy Jelasco: we do the dance the shores
[12:49] Wendy Jelasco: in case someone does not know the real title of the
[12:49] Wendy Jelasco: music
[12:50] Wendy Jelasco: you find int on youtube
[12:50] 彡ღςєridωen Ɠυявυχღ彡 (katarina.smithson) is online.
[12:50] Wendy Jelasco: it is from Bergerson and the title is
[12:50] Wendy Jelasco: Empire of Angels
[12:50] Wendy Jelasco grins how fitting
[12:50] Wendy Jelasco: #
[12:50] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:50] Tara (tarionsilverthorn) is offline.
[12:50] Loniki Loudon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izsjRpcgfmk
[12:51] Petra (petea.topaz): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izsjRpcgfmk
[12:51] roho mbili (tf.latte): adds more logs
[12:51] Loniki Loudon: sounds good, thank you Sis
12:51] Loniki Loudon: Wish we still had a videographer… if someone wanted to learn that…
[12:52] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): nice music
[12:52] Loniki Loudon: Normally you save video to YouTube and I can embed those
[12:52] Felicity Coronet: Good point My Nasiha
[12:52] Loniki Loudon: so we can post it on our website
12:53] Loniki Loudon: It is looking like Bron is not returning, she was our last videographer
[12:53] Petra (petea.topaz): I have not seen her in a while
[12:53] Loniki Loudon: aii…
[12:54] Loniki Loudon: I think she had planned on coming back…
[12:54] Felicity Coronet: Aii, was late here in December
[12:54] Dᴀɴɪ™ (danielle008) is offline.
[12:54] Loniki Loudon: well if someone wants to do video, there are free tools for doing so
12:55] Loniki Loudon: I could probably point you in the right direction
[12:55] Petra (petea.topaz): I did try to do it
[12:55] Loniki Loudon: I did also…
[12:55] Loniki Loudon: It gets complicated when being in the video at the same time…
[12:56] karah (carlymarierae) calls softly to En, not wishing to disturb “may karah kennel for the night please, En”
[12:56] Loniki Loudon: trying to move the camera while not moving yourself…
[12:56] Petra (petea.topaz): Yes
[12:56] roho mbili (tf.latte): kwa heri Karah and asante
[12:56] Loniki Loudon: I think there are even tools inbeded in the browser…
[12:56] Wendy Jelasco: kwa heri karah stay safe
[12:57] Loniki Loudon: Hugs Karah
[12:57] Petra (petea.topaz): Kwa heri Karah
[12:57] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): kwa heri karah
[12:57] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): be safe
[12:57] Rea Stoneshield (reachtail) is online.
[12:57] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): Go to kennel karah
[12:57] karah (carlymarierae): kwa heri En and all, asante for allowing me to be a part of you all.
[12:57] Loniki Loudon: I did it once but forget how I did it
[12:57] roho mbili (tf.latte): grins
[12:57] Loniki Loudon laughs
[12:57] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster): s mmiles
[12:57] Felicity Coronet: Kwa heri girl
[12:58] Petra (petea.topaz): I used something called I cam
[12:58] karah (carlymarierae) is offline.
[12:58] Petra (petea.topaz): but is shoed all the messages as well
[12:58] Rea Stoneshield (reachtail) is offline.
[12:58] Petra (petea.topaz): showed
[12:59] Loniki Loudon: It was something like that, I just could not do much as far as panningh the camera
[12:59] Loniki Loudon: aii, I remember that too
[12:59] Loniki Loudon: Likely best is to have a seprate SL instance with an alt
[12:59] Kai (kaiover): looks over at a hut and yawns, “kwa heri all, my time is up”
[13:00] Arjay (rje): there is a suite of software called NCH that has some limited but free tools in it
[13:00] Felicity Coronet: @
[13:00] roho mbili (tf.latte): kwa heri Huntress
[13:00] jazz (jasmine.chiantelle): KWa heri Huntress
[13:00] Loniki Loudon: Is there anyone else with something to add to council as we wrap up?
[13:00] roho mbili (tf.latte): smiles at her her eyes lingering
[13:00] Loniki Loudon: Yes En
[13:00] Wendy Jelasco: kwa heri Sister
[13:00] Felicity Coronet: As a tribe we are in our 17th year. Many things have been accomplished and we have developed a way of life here that seems satisfying, although it may not be perfect
[13:00] Loniki Loudon: Hugs Sis
[13:00] Felicity Coronet: We must be careful of becoming complacent, or becoming stale.
[13:00] Petra (petea.topaz): Kwa heri Kai
[13:01] Kai (kaiover): listens to En final thoughts
13:01] Zach Cheveyo (zachbrig) is online.
[13:01] Felicity Coronet: In the next several week I would like us to be thinking about what can be done to make little adjustments or even perhaps a major addition to life here to keep all of us wanting to spend time toigether
[13:01] Felicity Coronet smiles
[13:02] Shadow Akhlys (akhlys.sinister): ((brb))
[13:02] Loniki Loudon nods
[13:02] roho mbili (tf.latte): grins
[13:02] Felicity Coronet: Asante for Your time today and asante My Nasiha for running Tribal Council
[13:02] Petra (petea.topaz): Oh NC on Wednesday
[13:02] Felicity Coronet: Aii Rocky
[13:02] Felicity Coronet: Noon
[13:02] Loniki Loudon: Aii, needs to be on calender
[13:02] Kai (kaiover): smiles to En and waves kwa heri as I make my way to the hut with the bucket.
[13:02] Loniki Loudon: Was not last week
[13:03] Petra (petea.topaz): Please sharpen your arrows
13:03] Felicity Coronet: Not enough people last week
[13:03] Loniki Loudon: Oh, I though we used the rubber tipped ones for that
[13:04] Loniki Loudon: Not sure how many people check our calender…
[13:04] Petra (petea.topaz): need to keep you on your toes
[13:04] Felicity Coronet: Aii, check the Calendar boards
13:04] Loniki Loudon: could make a notation of open events and inform the continent
[13:04] Felicity Coronet: And the notice posted on the RP board there too
[13:04] Loniki Loudon: aii
[13:04] roho mbili (tf.latte): adds a log again
[13:05] Loniki Loudon: Thank you everyone for attending council

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