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Time for Love Ball

Sanibona Friends

What would a Saturday evening be without some form of entertainment and enjoyment. And with Valentines Day just hours away, a perfect opportunity to get “in the mood”.

Join Us for the Valentine’s Day OOC dance “Time for Love” ball in the jungles created and sponsored by Toki Aka’am, under the guidance of En’ Ecko and Her girl Cascade.

Our SIster Anisa will be DJing.

Formal attire of course, but a good time for sure!

See you there!



It is that time of the year all! Saturday, February 13th from 4PM to 8PM SLT

The days grow longer, the nights grow colder. Who will warm your furs or beds the coming nights?

Turn to someone you love, maybe your mate or FC? Maybe the one your next to is not your mate or FC, or you have not had a reason to walk them down that red carpet.

Let’s change this the coming “Time for Love Ball”.

Before it starts a chapel will be open for the lovers of the land.

If you and your loved one wish a nice FCing or Earth wedding, please put your names in the area below, and your favorite color you wish done up.

Just remember this, the dance afterwards is for all so put on your favorite gown or tuxedo, and join us among the lovely Cherry trees around the land.

Click picture for high definition. Browser back key to return.
Add comments below for pictures.

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