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Taluna Triple Ceremony!

Today we had a triple Taluna ceremony With Gem, Petra, and Angel all being named as Wa Ngao Sisters. Both Gem and Angel finished their pledge periods and were elevated.
Petra was a special case of being special status and being elevated to a full member. This has never happened before and it really was her initiative to simply being a Wa Ngao Taluna
on her own.

[12:14] Felicity Coronet: Having heard this I ask Nasiha and Mosi Uta . . . has this Pledge fulfilled all tasks required of Her Sisters?
[12:15] Wendy Jelasco looks to Nasiha to speak first
[12:15] Loniki Loudon: Yes, she has
[12:15] Loniki Loudon Smiles
[12:15] Wendy Jelasco: aii she has
[12:15] Felicity Coronet: /m enods to Nasiha
[12:15] Wendy Jelasco: I would like to add
[12:15] Felicity Coronet: Asante Mosi Uta
[12:15] Wendy Jelasco: that she went on a scouting mission with Angel
[12:15] Felicity Coronet: Wa Ngao! This Pledge has completed all that has been asked of Her. Shall We accept Her as a Taluna of the Wa Ngao?
[12:15] Now playing: Era – Hymne
[12:16] Loniki Loudon: aii
[12:16] Felicity Coronet listens for the trbe’s reply
[12:16] Wendy Jelasco: both have done an execellent job I will make the report avalable to the tribe
[12:16] Wendy Jelasco shouts: aii
[12:16] jasmine Chiantelle: Aii my En
[12:16] TF Latte: smiles brightly
[12:16] Loniki Loudon: Aii again
[12:16] RJE Resident: Aii En, we should
[12:16] Maluquete Resident: aii my En
[12:16] Ally (Maluquete): ai my
[12:16] Felicity Coronet nods
[12:16] xSakeenax Resident: aii
[12:16] petea Topaz: Aii En

[12:16] Felicity Coronet: Asante Wa Ngao
[12:16] Idyjuana Resident sighs deep and smiles
[12:17] Felicity Coronet: I will ask this Pledge to now speak the words of Our Tribal pledge We make to each Other
[12:17] Felicity Coronet: And as She does I ask that all listen and each of Us also recommit this Pledge
[12:18] Felicity Coronet: First, s a Wa Ngao I am true to myself.
[12:18] Idyjuana Resident: I will play my role in the tribe to the best of my ability. I carry my weight in the tribe. Be it slave, Huntress, or En, I am the best I can be.
[12:18] Felicity Coronet: Second, As a Wa Ngao I am true to my tribe.
[12:18] Idyjuana Resident: I will never disrespect my tribe. The honor of the Wa Ngao is great and I will never tarnish it willingly or intentionally.
[12:18] Felicity Coronet nods
[12:19] Felicity Coronet: Third, As a Wa Ngao I will honor my Sisters
[12:19] Idyjuana Resident: Be them slave, Huntress, or En, I respect them all the same. Roles are stations in life or jobs but the Sisterhood transcends that. I would never do anything intentionally to make my sisters uncomfortable, embarrassed, or dishonored.

[12:19] Felicity Coronet: Fourth, As a Wa Ngao I will honor my home.
[12:19] Idyjuana Resident: The lands of my home are the homes of my sisters. Our homes are sacred and are respected. Our home provides shelter and sustenance. I will fiercely protect my home.
[12:19] Felicity Coronet: Fifth, As a Wa Ngao I will protect my heritage.
[12:19] Idyjuana Resident: Our past builds our future. Our future becomes our past in time. Our heritage reflects our honor on a third dimension.
[12:19] Felicity Coronet: Sixth, s a Wa Ngao I will honor Gor.
[12:20] Idyjuana Resident: I understand that what gor means to others is as important to them as it is to me. While I may not share every idea others may have, I respect their rights to theirs. I do not weigh my values above the values of others and will decline to judge.
[12:20] Felicity Coronet: Seventh, As a Wa Ngao I will build on the future.
[12:20] Idyjuana Resident: understand that education is the basis of growth in general and not just personal. I will do my best to project a better understanding of myself, my tribe, my sisterhood, my home, my heritage, and Gor.
[12:20] Felicity Coronet nods
[12:20] Felicity Coronet: These seven statements express Our commitment to each Other.
[12:21] Loniki Loudon smiles
[12:21] Felicity Coronet turns and takes a tribal bow and sheath from the great stone
[12:21] Now playing: Suzi Quatro – All Shook Up
[12:21] Felicity Coronet: Turning back to Gem She hold it out and continues to speak
[12:21] Felicity Coronet: Two fluids are essential for life
[12:21] Felicity Coronet: Without either one, a person perishes
[12:21] Felicity Coronet: Two fluids are essential for life

Without either one, a person perishes

One is water

[12:22] Felicity Coronet: The other blood
[12:22] Felicity Coronet: Such is also true with families
[12:22] Felicity Coronet: Two are required for a full and complete life. To keep from perishing
[12:22] Felicity Coronet: One is Our “Family of Blood”, those who We are bound to by birth
[12:22] Felicity Coronet: The Other is Our “Family of Water”, those We meet and bond with in Life
[12:22] Felicity Coronet: Two Families, both essential to a successful and happy life
[12:23] Felicity Coronet: We of the Wa Ngao welcome Gem into Our Family of Water
[12:23] Loniki Loudon: Welcome to the family Sis

[12:23] Felicity Coronet offers the Wrath of the Wa Ngao Bow to Gem
[12:23] Felicity Coronet: ***Wewtwewt ***
[12:23] Wendy Jelasco smiles
[12:23] TF Latte: smiles ‘congratulations Huntress’
[12:23] Idyjuana Resident smiles with tears in her eyes, lowers the head and takes the bow off Ens hand
[12:24] jasmine Chiantelle: ***Wewtwewt ***
[12:24] xSakeenax Resident: ***Wewtwewt ***
[12:24] Felicity Coronet smiles warmly as Gem takes the bow
[12:24] Idyjuana Resident: Asante Sisters

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