Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe

Jungles of Gor


Carly placed in Consideration

[12:40] Felicity Coronet: Is it your wish to be placed in consideration and wear a trial collar of the Wa Ngao Taluna tribe?
[12:41] Petra (petea Topaz): sawubona Sis
[12:41] carly (CarlyMarieRae Resident) keeps still….Yes Em, this girl does so wish to be placed in a trial collar of the Wa Ngao Taluna tribe.
[12:41] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster Resident): smiles
[12:41] roho mbili (TF Latte): grins
[12:42] Felicity Coronet: Taking a collar from Her belt She places it around the girl’s nack but does not lock it
[12:42] Felicity Coronet: Having shown your submission girl and begged to wear this collar I now place you in trial collar to the Wa Ngao
[12:42] carly (CarlyMarieRae Resident) lifts her chin feeling the new colllar surround her neck, takes a moment….. asante En
[12:43] Felicity Coronet: In the next several weeks . . . perhaps as few as two . . . you will learn more about U/us and W/we about you.
[12:43] roho mbili (TF Latte): smiles
[12:43] carly (CarlyMarieRae Resident) listens taking in every word
[12:44] Felicity Coronet: I at any time W/we feel it is not working, or, if for some reason you feel it is not working, I will remove the collar and you will be free to resume life without obligation to the Wa Ngao
[12:44] carly (CarlyMarieRae Resident): yes En
[12:45] Felicity Coronet: But ,. . . and I say this very plainly . . should you successfully complete the tasks that will be asked of you and asked to have this collar locked . . . there is an obligation you will incur
[12:45] Felicity Coronet: Some of U/us have held this obligation for almost 16 yearss
[12:45] carly (CarlyMarieRae Resident) nods listening
[12:45] Felicity Coronet: We’re not a club to be joined and then move on
[12:46] Felicity Coronet: you will be join a “Family”
[12:46] carly (CarlyMarieRae Resident): yes En
[12:47] Felicity Coronet: Jazz, as 1st Girl, Roho as 3rd Gir, Joy as kajira Mwalimu . . . do you assume the responsibility to see this girl is trained in Our ways and understands what is expected?
[12:47] Arjay (RJE Resident): We even dance together *grins*
[12:47] mk spellcaster (m3spellcaster Resident): giggles
[12:47] jazz (jasmine Chiantelle): Aiimy En
[12:47] Felicity Coronet: She looks to the three girls
[12:47] Felicity Coronet: Roho, Joy?
[12:48] roho mbili (TF Latte): looks at her En ‘aii my En
[12:48] Felicity Coronet: Joy?
[12:48] Joy (Maretak Masala): aii my En?
[12:48] Felicity Coronet smiles
[12:48] Felicity Coronet: Teach the girl Our ways and also those of Gor itesel
[12:48] Felicity Coronet: *itself
[12:48] Joy (Maretak Masala): aii my En
[12:49] roho mbili (TF Latte): grins ‘aii my En!
[12:49] Felicity Coronet: you girl may return to where you were before

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