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Jungles of Gor


Note From Kai regarding Meters

As travel around Gor, I have noticed that the zCS coins are being used. I have seen it for purchasing bows and sword (instead of giving out the free gift), Alice uses them at her auctions of slaves as well as a lot of city taverns use them to purchase drinks etc…

The coins are basically free, if your meter is set to RP or Combat, in a sim that has economy enabled, you earn about 1.25 or 1.5s every x hours. I have noticed that in a lot of cities, people are there because its a safe zone and keep there avatar logged in to earn/collect these coins.

To get economy enabled for zCS, you need to put a ticket in on their discord


There is a bank box you setup at the dock and thats it.

So it may get more people here but that means we may see more inactive avatars just collecting coins. Once they are here they may enjoy the vulo hunt, the quest we have or even exploring. We could get more things to do also.

Petra travels and perhaps has more to say on this during council.

Anyways, just thinking out loud. Kai

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