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Totem Blessing Ceremony

A totem blessing ceremony took place this evening in Korat and was well attended. This event was on behalf of the Jungle Wildings.
[18:13] PiperWurley Resident: I am called Piper, Shaman of the Poukai Tribe who are the protectors of the Golden Panther Idol. I come here this day to give blessing to your peoples.
I will begin
*The Shaman concentrates and enters a spiritual plane between here and beyond. Once connected, she begins to transfer energy from the Spirit Gods into the Totem empowering it with energy of good will*
*The Earth Mother spirit orb appears giving validity to purpose and intent*
*A powerful surge of energy is injected into the Totem wood bringing it into a higher spiritual life…Once for each cardinal direction*
*North – the sacred element Earth, the season of winter, night and death*
*South – the sacred element of Fire, the season of summer, mid-day, passion and being in the prime of life*
*East – the sacred element Air, the season of spring, the dawn, youth and renewal*
*West – the sacred element of Water, the season of autumn, twilight, emotions, mysteries, reflection and maturity*
*As the energy reaches it peak…a purifying mist appears. Four times the mist peaks cleansing any and all negative energies*

This Central Totem is now blessed! Be it known…It is now a tool that the Spirit of the Jungle may use to help protect the land and it’s animals and also bring safety to the inhabitants that live here in peace
The power of the Totem is subtle yet strong. You do not see it like a bolt of lightning striking down from the heavens…

…but if you are pure of heart, you feel it’s strength deep in your soul.

The ceremony was followed by a party and cookout in Korat!


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