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Jungles of Gor


Second “Progressive Campfire” a Success

Once again the drums sounded and the call went out that this week’s Second “Progressive Campfire” was to take place at the camp of the Jungle Wildings.  The jungles almost overflowed with participation from Sisters living in the jungles and those that visit as Sisters.  A great celebration with songs, drums, food, drink . . . even a trampoline which was quite “Gorean” I am sure.  Well, it was a lot of fun anyways!  😛


Entertainment continued with performances of magic by Our Brother Phil, a Warrior of the Kataii.  Sisters of the Jungles WIldings, Veck ‘En, Toki Aka’am, Zima Ak’am, and Wa Ngao enjoyed the night in the jungles with an occasional apparition drifting by.  It was Halloween after all!     At one point, standing room only as the land could hardly hold another.  Our thanks to Edda, Tey, and the Jungles Wildings for hosting a very successful Progressive Campfire.   Hugs!   Next week the Third “Progressive Campfire” proceeds to the camp of the Veck ‘En.

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