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Karah officially brought into the tribe


Tribal council was called for noon today to bring Karah officially into the tribe. While she is the kajira of our Sister Ame who recently had her entrance ceremony, this was Karah’s own separate ceremony. Karah completed all tasks that would normally be assigned to any kajira that would seek membership in the tribe.

The tribe recognizes Karah comes to the tribe as property of our Sister Ame but the tribe pledged to be guardians of her as she is committed to the tribe. Karah is also our second accomplished dancer along with our kajira hoshi.

In attendance was Wa Ngao En Felicity, Se Loniki, First Bow Wendy, Scout Sandi, Mganga Ici, and Sisters Ayra and Ame, and kujitoa Jazz. Visitors included En Edda and Tey of the Wildings and Sister Sarah of the Toki. The festivities ended with tribal dancing.


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