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Rhythms of the Rainforest – Sounds of the Schendi

This afternoon it was my pleasure to attend the Rhythms of the Rainforest – Sounds of the Schendi dance exhibition in the Cote Jungles. Melantha had outdone herself in setting this all up and the jungles were packed standing room only! The exhibition featured seven dancers all doing jungle style dances that matched the region. Melantha also emceed the event and introduced all the dancers.

Left to right; Reagan, Bonnie, Rosa, Mint, Melantha, Sefa, Ebony, Athena

All dancers were announced by Melantha and I paraphrase her words here;

The first dancer was Mint who made her choice to come out of retirement and was dancing for the first time in quite awhile. Mint’s owners are MakaAnka Reardon & Mexli Nightmare Reardon and have their Homestone in Skolldir. In her comments to the confederation, Mint had this to say. “I am a shy girl. Ive been away from dancing for a few years. so this is my come back dance I hope, If I can remember every thing ebony tough me.”

The second dancer was Athena. She is owned by Master Carn, the Ubar of Ar. Athena is very active on the dance circuit, and spends countless hours in preparations. Her comments to the confederation are as follows: “My Name is Athena I come from the port of Ar and have been with my owner for over a Year; he is Ubar of the Port of Ar, I have been dancing with the Dance Pit Raiders for some time now and am happy to be considered to dance here this day…My thanks to all those who have watched me grow over the years in SL Gor. ”

The third dancer was Bonnie. She is the slave of Master Andreas, whose Homestone is that of Port Haifa. In her comments to the confederation Bonnie had this to say. “Bonnie is the personal slave of Master Andreas, Physician Caste, Port Haifa as well as Second Girl of the House of Crixus. Bonnie discovered dance while training at the Port Haifa Training Academy and has forged a deep love from that first moment. She is always looking to spread her dancing wings, and while a challenge, this is one perfect opportunity to do so. She dances for the pleasure of her owner and all free.”

The fourth dancer was Rosa who has performed many times, and she’s always impressive. A professional in her own right, that has graciously accepted an offer to dance. Her comments to the confederation were: “Rosa is the property of Master Ember – Ubar of Asperiche. She is under the protection of Lady Marie. She dances with pride honoring her Masters passion for the art of Gorean dance and for the majestic city of Asperiche which she serves. Rosa finds joy in dancing for the pleasure of the free. She can be seen in exhibitions throughout Gor. She organizes and runs the Asperiche “Songs of the Sands” dance competition and likes to encourage other dancers in her art. She finds joy in dancing for her Master, her Sayedda and the Free and she hopes to be pleasing this day for all of you with her performance.”

The fifth dancer was Safa. Sefa is a long time personal friend who always is a delight to watch, and offers something new and refreshing each time I’ve seen her. I’ve no doubt that will also hold true today. She is owned by Master Blaze Seattle who’s Homestone is Port Bazi.

Sometimes I have to wonder about our next dancer. Without question her abililties in Schendi style of dance have taken the Gorean world by storm. It is such delight to watch, because she always keeps us guessing at just what she’ll do next with her talent. Many of us take our queues from her, as she is an inspiration to us all. I am speaking of course of the one and only ebony. She is owned by Master Scar Statosky, Ubar of Ko-ro-ba, and her comments seem appropriate for her peformance today. “ebi’s dances are usually traditional, often wild, and always… SCHENDI-STYLE!”

The seventh and last dancer is Reagon. It has been an absolute joy to work with her and her enthusiasm is contagious, and her excitement at being here is painted in her bubbly words. Reagan is owned by Dark Wolf, whose Homestone resides in Temos. When asked to make a statement to the confederation, she had this to say: “Reagan is the happily owned slave of Dark Wolf of Temos. She has been involved in the dance community almost a year now, and has graduated from Vigo Basic, SGD Advanced, the AGD school in Olni, and is currently enrolled in the Ka-Ro-Ba Dance Academy. Learning and dancing is her passion and she loves serving the Free, but primarily she aches to serve her own Master, and with his permission, she continues on this journey.

All the dancers were wonderful, everything was professionally organized, and it all went off without a hitch even with 70 people packing the sim. After the show was over and the crowd thinning out, those that were left, mostly local Taluna, took to the dance floor with the DJ Domi from GPR.


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