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Amanita Pavlova Joins the Tribe

A request for Tribal Council to gather was made by Huntress Amanita Pavlova of the Sana-Askari Taluna, known to Us as Ama.  Her request was granted and Council gathered at the Ruins in the Valley of the Ancients to hear Her request to join Our Tribe.  

Council was reminded of history and tribal heritage associated with the Wa Ngao and Sana-Askari and that when a Home was needed, it was the Sana-Askari that offered refuge to the Wa Ngao.  As such there was great support to grant Her request.  And so, when the Gorean Sun was at its zenith Ama spoke the words of the Wa Ngao Tribal Pledge


As a Taluna of the Wa Ngao, Ama will wear the feather of the Wa Ngao and also the feather of the Sana-Askari as a symbol of the “Mother Tribe” from which She comes.   We welcome Her and look forward to sharing life in the jungle rainforests of the Schendi with Her.

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