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FC Ceremony of Mel and Dee

Before the ceremony I asked Mel, our Korat Innkeeper, if he would like to say something and he said, “It is a good evening with many friends and family present. As the sun sets, a new relationship is formed and rises between Mel Qusifor and DeeDee Bohemian at Whitewater”. I thought it was well said and he was totally unprepared for the question!


The sun is setting behind him as Reno Beattie, the Ubar of Whitewater steps up to the podium. “We are here today to join Sir Mel and Lady DeeDee in Free Companionship in the traditions of Gor. This is a celebration of their union but it is also much more than that. A Free Companionship is a legal bond and it is a sacred bond. It is a bond of love and a bond of exclusivity. It is also a binding contract for one full year. Therefore while this is a celebration, it is also a solemn occasion. I ask you all to please treat their ceremony with the respect it is due.”

Reno continues,” Sir Mel and Lady Dee, do you both understand that Free Companionship is a sacred union, something into which you must enter of your own free will, and that you take the oath here before your peers and the Priest Kings? Is it your wish to be joined as one? Sir Mel?

Mel, “Of my own free will, I wish nothing more than to be joined as one from this day on with Dee”

Reno, “Lady Dee?”

DeeDee’s eyes are locked in Mel’s. She smiles and answers, “Of my own free will, I wish nothing more than to be joined as one from this day on with Mel”.

Reno,” Do both of you swear that you both are free to enter this union and no person has due cause as to why this union may not come to be? Sir Mel?”

Mel,” I swear there are no contracts or obligations that keep me from this union.”

Reno, “Lady Dee?”

DeeDee replies,” I also swear that there are no contracts or obligations that would keep me from this union.”

Reno Beattie smiles as he looks at the both of them and the friends and family gathered. “The institution of Free Companionship is among the most vital and cherished of any on Gor. The performance of the Free Companionship ceremony is the most pleasurable task in the Ubar’s list of duties. At this point, I ask each of you to say the words you wish to make this day, in front of one another, your peers and the Priest Kings. Sir Mel, please honor Lady Dee with your words.”

Mel Qusifor looks at Dee and speaks, “Lady Dee, you are my closest friend, a voice of reason when I need advice, a Gorean woman of strong character, a gentle and caring Free Woman. And now I pledge my everlasting love to you on the greatest of all adventures, the journey of life and the building of family. I shall always hold you on high as my companion, my friend, my counselor, my strong helpmate as we together walk this journey of life.” Mel places a ring upon her finger, “I love you DeeDee Bohemian.”


Reno Beattie smiles as he looks between them, “ Lady Dee, please honor Sir Mel with your words.”

DeeDee answers,” My dear Mel, I am speechless, are you surprised? DeeDee chuckles and continues,” From the day we met I knew there was something special about you. And more was revealed to me that we were meant to be together. I love how we laugh together and enjoy many similar things. The bottom line is that I’ve spent many years alone, avoiding any relationship.”

DeeDee takes in a deep breath, “I’ve found the man who doesn’t just make me complete but one who believes in me more than I believe in myself sometimes. This is the love I never thought I’d find or one that I deserved. Now I want a family, I want to bear your children and I promise you boys. We have a long future together. I look forward to each day of discovery with you as we join together in this journey. I willingly give you my heart.”

DeeDee Bohemian pulls out a ring, smiling into his eyes, she places the ring on his finger. “I love you Mel Qusifor.”

Reno Beattie, “And now we will seal your union and your legal bond with the drinking of wine.” Reno nods to Nixie to proceed and she takes the bottle in her hands and pulls the cork from the bottle with her teeth. She picks up a chalice and pours the wine into the vessel, sets the bottle down and approaches, kneeling before her she raises the chalice above her head and offers it to her Mistress.

Reno, “Lady Dee, drink from this wine to seal your pledge.”

DeeDee Bohemian takes the chalice, drinks, and hands the chalice to the Ubar. Reno turns to Mel and hands him the chalice. “Sir Mel, drink from this wine to seal your pledge.”

Mel Qusifor raises the cup to his lips and drinks quickly and deeply from the wine, emptying the chalice and handing it back to Ubar Reno.

Reno Beattie takes a quill and signs and seals the companionship scroll. “ May it be known to all that both Mel and Dee have freely entered into this agreement and witnessed their acceptance of its terms. It is now sealed by my hand and is now binding. A copy of this contract will now be stored in the Library of the Town of Whitewater for all to see. Let no one come between these two, who are now as one, in the eyes of the Priest Kings and the laws of Gor. If you harm or dishonor one, you harm or dishonor both. Mel and Dee, may your union continue to be blessed and happy. I wish you peace, joy and bountiful love.” Reno looks to those gathered, “I present to you the Free Companions, Sir Mel and Lady Dee.”


The Ceremony was followed by a feast in the Whitewater Inn.

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