Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe

Jungles of Gor


First “Progressive Campfire” in the Jungles

Word was sent to all the tribes that a gathering and sharing of a campfire was to take place.  In ones and twos, sometimes more, Taluna and their Panther cousins made their way to the camp of the Toki Aka’am Taluna tribe where a great feast had been prepared.  The sound of drums guided their way and in all Sisters of the Toki Aka’am, Jungle Wilding, Veck ‘En, Zima Ak’am, and Wa Ngao stood shoulder to shoulder in friendship and celebration.  Another week had passed and all were safe.


Foolishly raiders attacked the camp of the Veck ‘En during this time and received an unpleasant surprise as Huntresses, motivated by the bonds of Sisterhood, descended en’mass, swarming down upon the raiders alerted by the sound of the alarm bell.  Having sent the raiders scurrying to safety from whence they came, the Huntresses returned to even greater celebrations at the Toki Aka’am camp where they were joined by a Warrior of the Kataii and Trader of the Korat Trading Post.   Music, dancing, singing, and the sharing of food continued until each made their way to hut or home.  All praised the Toki Aka’am and En’ Ecko for providing such an opportunity.  In one week, the “Progressive Campfire” will move to the camp of the Jungle Wilding tribe.

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