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Mambas Spotted in Schendi

April 25, 2017


Recently mambas were spotted in Schendi. They were immediately investigated and accosted by members of Wa Ngao and Veck En. There is reason for this and mambas can become a real threat if they think they can freely make a home in the Schendi. It is wise to be on the lookout for further incursions.

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Kajira Petals Transferred to Wa Ngao

May 30, 2015


This afternoon at about 1PM, May 29th, Trade goods were transferred to the Veck En in exchange for the kajira Petals. The trade consisted of five sacks of black wine beans, one sack of wheat, one crate of palm wine, and one jar of honey. Carrying all these goods was our Kajira Jazz who is strong as an ox and a contender for mud wrestling champion. Representing and accepting the goods for the Veck En was their Se Maebh. Of course Veck En are continent Sisters so the girl does not go far and free to visit all she desires.

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