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Website Posting Guidelines

You must sign up on the site to be granted permission to read or make comments on a post. We must know you and grant additional permissions for you to be able to make posts on this site.

There are two forms of pages on our website. The homepage, about pages, and contact pages are what we call “static” pages and do not change normally.

The happenings page is our blog page and consists of many “posts”. This is our headlines of recent events and the five most recent ones are listed in the Recent Posts column.

Note that you must be on a single post to read the comments or make a comment on that post. That means if you want to look at a single post on the happenings page, you have to click it’s headline.

User Access Levels

If you have Post permissions

Keep a simple format. Observe other posts and always use images. Studies show that typical web viewers enjoy visual media and click away from a lot of text so use this. Sprinkle your posts with pictures and avoid a wall of text. This is an example of what not to do, all text and no pictures. It was just a placeholder post while I was building the site and I didn’t rewrite it like I did Here.

I advise against posting raw chat from SL into a post on our website as people will not read it and it looks sloppy. Always paraphrase like a reporter or format it like a book. You really don’t have to write much if you say it with pictures.

Do not worry about image size and how it looks while you are writing your post. The page is set up to automatically scale the image to 100% of the post width. If it is a small image size it will be magnified and look poorly. Larger scale images will always look better and when clicked will expand to show all the detail available. Whenever possible, use an image saved directly to your computer because this will maintain the proper scale.

Set a category for your post. This allows posts to be viewed by categories for later searching. Only the last 5 posts are displayed in the sidebar as Recent Posts but all posts are retained in the archives. Dates are set automatically so no need to worry about them.

When you click the headline of a post or a post in the Recent Posts column, the page changes to a single post format. In this format you can leave comments at the bottom of the post if you are registered.

It is good practice to mention people’s names in posts and other relevant details. Remember that everything on the site is searchable using the search box. Even if it is just names in a caption on a photo it still becomes searchable.

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