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Dual Kajirae Ceremony

dualahadi Dual Kajirae Ceremony

Today was a good day as two Wa Ngao Kajirae rose in the ranks. First up was Ahadi who rose to the ranks of Senior Kajira in almost record time. We all remember when she came to us as someone entirely new to Gor but she learned very fast and has been an active part of our Kajirae core. And despite rumors to the contrary, she does not kiss pygmies or been seen kissing pygmies.

This was followed by the collaring of Skipper who became a full Wa Ngao Kajira. Skipper is a very good girl who already excelled in roleplay and a wonderful addition to the Wa Ngao.

As our En Felicity Coronet said, “This girl is now to be known as “skip” to all that see her, but in private she will bear the name “Sanaa” which means “brilliant as in a thing of beauty” in Our inland dialect.

I have a feeling most will be calling her Sanaa regularly. The ceremony was well attended today.

dualskip Dual Kajirae Ceremony

dual2 Dual Kajirae Ceremony

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