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Jewell Theater to Play Korat

Vagabonds and Villains Poster Jewell Theater to Play Korat

We are proud to announce our latest production!

“Vagabonds and Villains”
Written & Directed by Fake Jewell.

“Vagabonds and Villains” is a comic romp set in a mythical city of Pseudopolis. We meet a mixed band of characters as they go about their travels along a road known to be full of vagabonds, with the occasional villain thrown in for good measure. We all know trips outside a city’s walls can be fraught with danger! “Vagabonds and Villains” is inspired by “Pettrucchio”, a play referenced in the novel “Players of Gor” by John Norman.

Dates and Places where you can see it;

SATURDAY MARCH 5th: 3pm at Gorean Campus

SUNDAY MARCH 6th: 12 Noon in Ko-ro-ba
This event will be broadcast live by Goreans Portal Radio.

SATURDAY MARCH 12th: 3pm in Port Haifa

SUNDAY MARCH 13th: 12 Noon in Sais

SATURDAY APRIL 2nd: 3pm at Korat Trading Post

SUNDAY APRIL 3rd: 12 Noon in Svago

SATURDAY APRIL 9th: 3pm in Ianda

SUNDAY APRIL 10th: 12 Noon at Oasis of Two Scimitars

The Jewell Theatre has been performing live Gorean Theatre in SL since 2007, led by Writer/Director Fake Jewell.

For more information about The Jewell Theatre please visit our website at

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